Juri Safe Jump + Unblockables Thread [Info]



There’s some videos online that have helped me out here but most of them just show-case without proper explanation. I wanted to go into detail and possibly get some further information I wasn’t aware of.

So feel free to correct/update this thread as necessary.

Safe Jump Setups

5F+ Reversals
Back throw -> Stutter walk (one and a half steps) towards opponent (Strict timing) -> Jf.hk.

Forward throw -> Wait for the screen to “auto-correct” (if you start dashing straight away, your opponent will fall too far -> Dash x 2 -> Jf.hk

Forward throw in the corner -> Jump > Close lightkick > Neutral jump Hk

4F+ Reversals

Forward throw in the corner -> Backdash > Cr.mp > Jump forward Hk

Forward throw in the corner -> Forward dash> Fireball Store > Neutral Jump Hk


In corner -> Forward throw -> Dash towards opponent -> Cancel last 2 frames of dash with light pinwheel -> jf.hk

I have more safe jumps to add but I’m at work right now and need to hit the training room to remember the exact details. I’ll update this thread at a later point. If anyone has anything to add/correct, just reply in a comment below and I’ll add it to the original post as well.


unnecessary thread. those 5f safe jumps you put work on 4f reversals as well…

also, working from videos, explanation or not, is much easier than text format for most people. take for example when we were all scrubs and couldn’t complete trials of certain characters; bar a certain few, did you look for message boards explaining how to do it or watch them through on youtube?

i’ve regained a bit of interest in the boards and will be working on the matchup thread again. this will contain text format descriptions of safe jumps and video links to everything too.


I think they go hand in hand.

A lot of the videos I watched I originally attempted to do myself and failed because I was missing the stutter walk on some things.

I agree that video would also aid this thread, I know you have a decent video online, so I’d be happy to credit you by putting the video in the opening post if you could help by explaining in text the ones I’ve missed? :slight_smile:

Could you identify which 5f I have in the wrong section (i.e. should be 4f?)


all of them, lol. it’s not a credit thing, all the information is already accessible on the board, hence why i think it’s unnecessary. in regards to the short walk forward on a lot (most) of her safe jumps, is it really that hard to see? i never thought so myself. anyways, my reference to re-doing that thread is just the fact that even though all of the information is accessible here, i’ll be condensing all of it in to one big thread - so you can find virtually everything you need in one spot (that was the whole point).


This is definately 5f. It works on Cammy’s Cannon Spike but not Dan’s Shoryuken or Guile’s Flash kick.

Using math it’s 92 (jump + cl.lk + jump+4)-87(wakeup) = 5f difference.

As for the fact that the information is available, I have a very hard time compiling and understanding it all since it’s so wide-spread.

Concentrating and compiling information is never a bad thing!


i’ve never even heard of that safe jump so you can definitely, at the least count it out of 4f setups.


Cammy also wakes up differently than other cast members. Possibly 1f faster than average which would make you do 4f safe jumps on her.


1f slower, same as sagat. blanka is 2f slower.


old french stuff before AE. Adon has the same wakeup duration as others now, right ?




how manny frames is juri’s jump? and how you calculate the cl.lk you add the start up and the recovery together? + i’ve seen a table don’t remember where were i’ve seen the same wakeup for cammy but don’t know where is it know can you post a link please :slight_smile: and thanks!!


Juri’s jump + landing frames = 44 frames in total.
If its an empty jump you can cancel the landing frames starting at frame 40. I believe neutral/diagonal jump share the same data.
If you attack while jumping, you cannot block until frame 43, but you can tech during all the last 4 frames I believe.
So if you want to safejump a 4-frame reversal, you would need to be at +39 when you jump.(at frame 40 you should be at -1 relative to them waking up).
(At least I think that’s right) Every time I think about it I confuse myself. Your frame 43 = their frame 4.

Their is some variance in character’s wake-up timing. Like after a back throw, if you whiff a st.LP you can safejump Sagat, but it wont work on Cammy and Blanka, who all are supposed to share the same “hitting frame”(6 frame reversal timing). So Im guessing their frames differ in that circumstance. Also, I think Cammy wakes up faster after a forward throw in the corner, but its been a long ass time since I tested.

I find Guile difficult to safe jump especially w/ a neutral jump, his wake up hitbox interacts w/ Juri while in the air somehow, it delays her landing depending on the distance(or maybe Im just using the wrong normal?). The same exact timing/recording would safejump all the other four-frame reversal characters.Sometimes it will succeed tho’. I have better luck w/ a cross up safe-jump on him.

Anyways, this thread’s activity didnt last very long lol.


Another thing that makes it difficult to calculate safejumps is pushback/spacing. Makoto has a 3f safejump which technically shouldn’t be possible, but it is because a 3f reversal wouldn’t hit her until the 4th frame where the hitbox moves out farther, at which point she is blocking. I’m just using that as an example to show that there are factors you cannot possibly calculate with pure numbers. This is a reason most safejump threads show which members of the cast a safejump works on / who it doesn’t work on.


That’s why the examples in the first post have move-sets which force this pushback/spacing.


Right, my only point was that taking #'s of frames and trying to find safejumps isn’t really going to get you anywhere, as you’ll still have to take any safejump setup you find and test it against the entire cast.


Doing math can help you figure out if what you’re doing is a true safe jump, especially since character’s wake-up times are known.

Your point about 3f reversal safe jumps is not a valid argument because you’re forcing it to be a 4f reversal since the first frame whiffs.


That’s exactly what I said… I was using it as an example to demonstrate how there are factors to some safejumps that you cannot possibly see just by adding and subtracting frames. That’s it. It’s not entirely superfluous to use math to find safejumps, but it’s not definitive either. You still need to test it against the cast and make sure it actually works on all the characters because of the different wakeup times (which, admittedly, you can account for) and also because of everyones different reversal hit and hurtboxes, which you CANNOT account for outside of actually testing the safejump.


I think this is already known or was posted before:

Corner vs Sakura:

(fse) overhead or crlk, crmk, sweep xx lk pinwheel, jhk (unblockable) into combo. Total damage takes about 50% Health without meter.


there’s 10 unblockables and 28 fake crossups off that setup alone :wink: had them listed for a while but don’t want to post them here lol


That combo into sweep is ass. Fix it.