Juri tech thread (setups, resets, frametraps'n stuff)

Title says it all. Let’s gather technical stuff without bloating the other threads too much. I guess it’s helping everyone if we can compile most tech in the first post instead of having it spread over various threads.

Meaty Stuff:

Air Taget Combo: AA TC, St.HK

Sweep: st.LP whiff, b.hk

Backthrow: delayed wakeup: fireball,mk fuhajin (crossup)

Fuharenkyaku (HK-release): cr.lp whiff, st hk (safe)
dashup, st.hp (whiff on crouchblock)
dashup, b.hk (safe)

Fuharenkyaku (EX-release): mk fuhajin (combos into st.hp)

HK DP: dashup, st.hk (unsafe)
dashup, delayed b.hk (safe)

EX DP: b.hk

lk Ryodansatu: lp whiff, st.Hk



starter xx fuha store, jump [vid]

no quickrise:

starter xx fuha store, jump, cr.lp, neutral jump

ex fuhajin, st.lp, st.lk, jump [vid]


Setup for after ex.qcf you do a meaty counter hit on qcf.mk , which you can link s.hp


Can we get a compilation of true blockstrings vs 3f DP’s and the like? I know we have meaty setups and cross up tech, but I’m itching for some solid blockstrings right now.

After hk trigger release you can do a dash immediately into st.hk to beat a 3f jab on wake up. Standing hard punch can be substituted as well to continue with st.lk when it hits meaty.

qcb+lk on block xx VT gives huge frame advantage. qcb+lk xx VT, c. mp is a true block string apparently, allowing for guaranteed chip setups with the release variations of your choice.

hk release, lk release is a true block string. hk release, mk release is also a true block string (but unsafe). hk release, mk release, lk release to make it safe is a frame trap that beats 3f jabs.

I have Mika set to recover with jab (3f jab) and if I do the following sequence:

qcb+lk xx VT, c. mp xx hk release xx mk release xx lk release she blocks the entire thing before being counterhit by the lk release at the end.

Thanks, been trying different strings vs 3f DPs but it’s quite difficult any really reliable ones with a small enough gap to be safe. Will definitely try your options too!

I picked up on that Hk DP, whiff light punch or kick then hit HK for a CC.

You can also get some really easy meaty set ups off regular DP or HK fuhanjin and EX fuhajin releases.
if they quick get up have St. MP or St. Hp at the ready to tag them.

After screwing around in the lab for a few hours late last night, Juri has a solid rush down game.
Like Laura if you wake up hitting buttons you are in big trouble; only Juri’s meaty set ups are even easier to hit consistently.

Could you explain a little bit more Rayartz?

Well it’s mostly in the twitter vids above.
But sure:
Say you do B+HK xx (second hit) with HK DP, once you land whiff st. lp and hit St. HK - if they hit buttons or quick rise St. HK will CC them
Now do B+Hk xx (first hit) into any Fuhajin store you an EX DP or EX Fuhajin, with a small step forward once you land St. Mp will score a counter/meaty which you can link Cr. Mp xx Ryo/CA or into the Fuhajin you just store.
You get the same set up off the regular HK release.

However this is just supplementary, if they delay wake up you have enough time to dash back and store anything you want.
For me it mostly L and H.

I do wish her St. Hp reached a bit further. it doesn’t seem hit at her toes. that’ll really help her get into M release more consistent.
Or Capcom can just let it combo from a blasted Medium…

Juri Hit box Range

Frame data

Tricky fireball crossup

I understand better now man, thank you. And i agree with standing fierce, if only it had a little bit more range… =)

Been looking into setups after hitting a fuharenkyaku store and found that you can do lk. Tensenrin into st.lp and it hits meaty. tested it against nash’s v - trigger and also found that it will beat ryu, ken’s & necallis 3 frame dp’s as they only have lower body invincibility (not ex’s though as they have full invincibility). Can then link into st.mp after the st.lp. You can also swap the st.lp for st.mp for a frame trap. This works in corner and mid screen

Also after hitting hk.fuharenkyaku release in the corner you can do st.hk for wake up pressure but needs further testing

Forgot to say these are for quick rises.

Forget the st.lp you can hit st.mp meaty and link into cr.mp

Can we get some good punishes for a crush counter?

Did some testing based on the Sako replays. Edit: I Have no clue why the bolding is off >_>

crLP > crLP > HK release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Dash Up > Store 3 counter hit.
-This isn’t real. But I managed to remix it. Let’s use Chun as an example and her wake up options.

New Set Up: crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2
The point of this set up is to stuff Chun’s wake up options and/or to block at the last frame to apply pressure.
Store = Any Fuha Store
Release Fireball = LK Fuha

EX SBK Wake Up (Normal Recovery)
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1
Store 1 will be safe from wake up EX SBK on Normal Recovery/Quick Rise

EX SBK Wake Up (No Recovery)
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Dash Up
You won’t know if a Chun will commit to a wake up EX SBK but thanks to the Yellow Flash it’s a lot easier to see it coming to block. Bullshit that’s Impossible to time. Ok try this instead
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball
If you release store 1 and Chun does WUSBK, you have enough time to release MK store for a 2 hit combo conversion into VT. Seems a lot safer right? Remember since you don’t know 100% without a doubt which type of wake up your opponent will do, the first store will protect you.

Ok this still seems like bullshit. What if they wake up jab?

Wake Up Jab (No Recovery)

crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Dash Up > stHP
stHP will counterhit.
Wake Up Jab (Normal Recovery)

Wake Up Jab will whiff, you’re safe. Bullshit I still can’t react that fast. Ok let’s go back to my remix of the same set up.

Wake Up Jab (No Recovery)

crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball
The fireball will catch Chun Li’s wake up jab.
Let’s make this interesting.
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball~V-Trigger >Buffer CA
During V-Trigger Animation you can buffer CA. IF you hear the hitsound you can confirm into CA.

Man fuck that, that’s impossible, make it easier
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball~V-Trigger > HK Fuha
If Chun pressed a button, Fireball and HK Fuha will combo. This gives you A LOT OF TIME to continue your combo.

  1. crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball~V-Trigger > HK Fuha ON HIT

This is still a gimmick. What about wake up Critcal Art?

Wake Up Critical Art (No Recovery)

crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball
CA will punish. So we have to be mindful when Chun is fully stocked. But read below

Wake Up Critical Art (Normal Recovery)

crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Chun does Wake Up Critcal Art OH SHI-
If you block during your store, you will be able to block Chun’s wake up CA! Pretty gud huh?

Aiight, you might be on to something. What if Chun does nothing?
You will still be in a neutral position.
What if Chun quick rise neutral Jumps?

  1. You will still be safe.
  2. If you read it, and release fireball Chun will land on it.
    2a. If you read it and release fireball, Chun will land on the fireball, then you can activate VT > CA or VT > EX FUHA
  3. If you read the NJ, you can VT>CA when CHUN IS DESCENDING. If you do it too early Chun will dodge it.
  4. If you read the Nj, you can VT >MK Fuha her out of the air

What if Chun jumps back?
I put myself to the test. I didn’t test anything and let my reactions take over. If Chun jumps back, I instantly did VT > CA. The damage sucks ass but it works. Now with testing.
crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Chun Jumps
You can dash forward and jHK even after you store.

What about other characters?
Will research :^)

This is almost everything I found based off of 1 link. The only downside I could think is the Quick-Rise Wake Up CA. Also if Chun does nothing and blocks the fireball, you can dash in for pressure. Or don’t dash in and play footsies. Everything depends on the type of Chun you’re playing. But majority of Chun-Li’s WILL press something. So once they stop, you have enough tech to keep them locked down.

Sako’s setup: crLP > crLP > HK release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Dash Up > Store 3
You can do LK Pinwheel in replace of Store 3 and it’ll CH wake up 3f
crLP > crLP > HK release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Mirco Step > stHK
stHK it will crush counter 3f wakeup
crLP > crLP > HK release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Dash Up > stHP
stHP will counter hit 3f wakeup
NOTE: I could not test crLP > crLP > HK Release > Store 1 > Store 2 > Release Fireball~V-Trigger

Just Juri Juggles

When you hit a store you can hold up forward and if they quickstand you get a very easy safe jump lk. If they stay on the ground, whiff crouching jab and neutral jump for another safe jump. I haven’t found anything to cover backroll.

Edit: If they backroll, you are +0 if you went for the safe jump lk. If you read the backroll, and empty jump, you are + and can counter hit 3f jabs with your own 3f jab. Off counter hit jab you can link the target combo which is your best option for damage.


SFV Juri: Ryodansatsu to CC setup