Juri tech thread (setups, resets, frametraps'n stuff)



Been a long time since I really saw BNK show off some tech. Definitely will use. Great allocation of meter and can be done anywhere.


Some clips from Floe’s stream with great tech
Fuzzy Guard Combo

Low pressure comfirm into CA

Cross Up Reset


I saw that stun set-up he did too.


That video from Kail is nice. Light hazanshu - dash - cr. Fierce - whatever. Easy setup.


Shows off a few ways to stay on your opponent if they use back recovery.

I’ve been out of the loop for a few days because of work, so I apologise in advance if someone posted something like this already.


*accidental post


Here’s a bunch of knockdown setups to beat 3 frame buttons on wake up that I have been writing down. Some are kinda technical but the majority are reasonable. Maybe someone can come up with simpler stuff to replace the technical ones. Meaty st.hp is safe on block. It links into st.lp w/o counter hit and links into st/cr.mp w/counter hit.

**EX fuhajin: **

  1. Quick rise
    a) dash, st.mp(meaty)
    b) step forward cr.hp (w/lk fuha stored you can dash into st.hp with proper spacing. Linking into a mp is more reliable)
    c) dash, st.hp
    d) Dash, b.hk
  2. Back tech
    a) Dash, delay st.mp(meaty)
    b) Dash, delay b.hk
    c) Dash, cr.hp (lk release dash st/cr.mp works here)
    d) Dash, delay st.hp
  3. No wakeup
    a) Dash, st.mp(whiff), store, st.hk
    b) Dash, st.mp(whiff), store, step forward, b.hk
    c) Dash, whiff store, whiff store, st.lk (meaty), st.mp/cr.mp

Fuhajin store:

  1. Quick rise
    a) whiff st.mp, dash forward st.mp(meaty)
  2. Back tech
    a) whiff st.mp, dash forward, delay st.mp(meaty)
    b) whiff st.mp, dash forward, delay b.hk
  3. No wakeup
    a) whiff st.mp, dash forward st.mp(whiff), f.mk(whiff), b.hk ( b.hk can be swapped w/st.mp to beat 3 frame normals but it won’t hit meaty)
    b) whiff st.mp, dash forward st.mp(whiff), store, b.hk(2nd hit) *on counter you can link into cr.mp or combo into qcf MK.


  1. Quickrise
    a) St.mp/cr.mp/cr.mk/st.hp/b.hk will beat three frame normals. St.mp will whiff if they block
  2. No wakeup
    a) Whiff cr.mp, dash, st.mp(whiff), st.mp(meaty).


  1. Quickrise
    a) Dash, delay st.mp(meaty)/b.hk (b.hk is easier)
    b) Dash, st.hk
  2. Back tech
    a) Dash, whiff st.lp, b.hk
    b) Dash, walk forward st.mp(meaty)/b.hk
  3. No wakeup
    a) Dash, delay b.hk(whiff), whiff cr.mp, st.hp(meaty) *links to cr.mp

HK fuhajin

  1. Quick rise:
    a) dash st.hk
    b) dash, delay b.hk (in range for st.lk link)
    c) dash, delay st.mp
    d) dash, st.lp, st.lp(meaty) *links to st.mp/cr.mp
  2. Back tech:
    a) dash, delay st.hk
    b) dash, step forward b.hk (if you walk far enough you will be able to connect a store on block).
  3. No wake up
    a) Dash, st.hk(whiff), store, b.hk
    b) Dash, delay st.mp(whiff), store, delay b.hk
    c) Dash, delay st.mp(whiff), store, delay st.mp(meaty)
    d) Dash, store x2 (whiff), cr.hp
    e) Dash, st.lp x2 (whiff), cr.lp (whiff), store, st.mp(meaty)
    f) Dash, delay b.hk(whiff), st.mk(whiff), b.hk

HK fuhajin xx MK fuhajin

  1. Quick rise
    a) Dash, delay, st.mp(meaty)
    b) Dash, delay, b.hk
    c) Dash, st.hp(meaty)
    d) Dash, cr.hp
  2. Back tech
    a) Dash, st.hk
    b) Dash, delay b.hk(won’t be in range for a store if blocked.)
    c) Dash, step forward, st.mp(meaty)
  3. No wake up
    a) Dash, st.hp(whiff), store, delay st.mp(meaty)/b.hk
    b) Dash, st.hp(whiff), store, cr.hp (lk release, dash links to st.mp)
    c) Dash, delay b.hk(whiff), st.mk(whiff), st.mp(meaty)
    d) Dash, store, store, b.hk
    e) Dash, store, store, st.hk
    f) Dash, whiff sweep, store, st.mp(meaty)

**LK/MK/HK ryodansatsu **

  1. Quick rise
    a) Dash, st.hp(meaty) *on counterhit you get a cr.mp but it’s not in range for st.lp link.
    b) Dash, cr.hp
    c) Dash, delay st.mp(meaty)/b.hk
    d) Dash, st.mk(meaty) *on counterhit you get a st.lk link
  2. Backtech
    a) Dash, st.hk (relatively safe)
  3. No wakeup
    a) Dash, delay st.mp(whiff), st.hk
    b) Dash, st.mp(whiff), LK dp(whiff), delay b.hk


  1. Quick rise
    a) Dash, st.lp(meaty) *links to st.mp
    b) Delay st.hk
  2. Back tech
    a) Dash, st.hp(meaty) * not in range for non-counter hit links
    b) Dash cr.hp(from most ranges you can link after LK release)
  3. No wake-up
    a) Dash, st.lp(whiff), store, st.hk


Damn great compilation here. Kind of a scrub, but are there ways to read how they will recover? All this tech seems great, but idk what to look for to get a read on how they’ll quick rise,etc.


I’m not great at reading quick rise vs back tech yet because I rarely had to deal with back tech as Laura. In most cases I assume you want to try to confirm during your dash in. With quick rise vs no recovery its easier since many of those setups start the same. If you notice the quick rise setup whiff then you transition into the no recovery setup. The no recovery setups that start different than the quick rise setups are the ones that you have to make a read on your opponents habits.


I don’t think there’s a universal way to tell, no.

What I can tell you, however, is that back recovery takes longer than normal recovery, so try to react to that. Other than that, a lot of people will fall into a pattern in tournament due to it being 2 out of 3. They sometimes unknowingly commit to one wake-up style. Maybe run with that.

For the delayed/no recovery, I believe the post above mine covers that well. Don’t let your opponent delaying their wake-up mess up your flow. Utilize that time by storing a fireball and then go for your meaty/throw/shimmy whatever.


A lot of these are great!

Would you mind if I made a video going through these options?


That’s fine. I was too lazy to do one.


Observe which tech they use on specific knockdowns. There’s a very good chance they will use the same tech the next time you use that knockdown.


I made a video on how to do optimal punish on Karin/Ken EX DP

Juri 2 Stocks in 1 combo + CC against Karin/Ken EX DP



Made another video on how to Frame Trap/Safe Jump on 5 frame reversals. Enjoy



Well considering that Chun has the shortest grab range, I could see this being kind of useful. Does this work on the other cast? I’m about to go give this a try.


Well considering that Chun has the shortest grab range, I could see this being kind of useful. Does this work on the other cast? I’m about to go give this a try.

It works on bison to but more riskier since he has the best throw range. So only do st.LP into QCB K since st.LP is +4


@DocCeaser I think I understand the laziness. Look how long it took me to get this done lol.

Definitely procrastinated a bit too much.


Great job on the video. The only thing I would add is to not overlook the utility of cr.hp xx LK release when you have the spacing to link afterwards. cr.hp is -5 if they block it but the LK release makes it a safe hit confirm that can lead to big damage.


Noted, thanks!

What do you think of her throw game? I don’t think she necessarily needs to be able to have one, but I do think being able to store a fireball most of the time is good enough.