Juri tech thread (setups, resets, frametraps'n stuff)



I haven’t been able to play enough to have a fully formed opinion on a lot of stuff yet. I agree that getting a store is good enough. I think they were scared to give her too much from throws due to the range they gave her. I’m not sure if she does safely get a store from forward throw against most of the cast though. If she does then I’m okay with her throw game.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgyL6qeakYk not sure if there’s a safe jump setup from sweep.


Juri Instant air overhead set-up



Juri neutral tech frame trap



Nice stuff Garu thanks man! Gotta practice that instant overhead. Do you know if it’s chara specific?


I dont think so I think it works with everyone, it is fun bignastykail said that set up was not a thing when Floe discovered it but it is a thing, specially since you can mix it with differents set ups which make it really hard to see.


Got a maximum stun reset combo off of a crush counter


Although the overhead itself may have to be a counter hit in order to follow up with the target combo. Not sure.


Advanced Tech
Juri Anti V-Reversal OS


Not sure how I didn’t post this here of all places, but here we go:


Same as concept as the first video, but it covers oki as Critical Art and throws.


Overhead combo & cross-up mix-up



SFV Juri’s 50/50 crossup or no crossup



Juri Jump cancel v-trigger

New technique discovered for Juri, it avoids throws and keeps player grounded, so far this new technique seems to be Juri specific.




Holy crap. Time to learn this


Bboy exe Juri OSed strings



Damn I don’t think I’m any longer in a character crisis, she seems fundamentally good overall as a character and those os seem cheap af!

I was never really a fan of Juri but Damn…


Bboy exe Throw & VR OSs



I put together a guide for how to cover all options for most of Juri’s knockdowns:

Hope this is useful. Would appreciate any feedback.




Awesome work!!! One of the best, if not THE best, and helpful things for Juri available, thank you very much for your work.


Some setups and resets/mixups off Crush Counter: