Juri tech thread (setups, resets, frametraps'n stuff)





Some interesting notes about L Fuha release, M Fuha release, and a little with V-Skill

L Fuha can trade or frame trap in some instances. M Fuha has some frame trap capability as well. starting from 3f to 7f, I show what trades/counters at each frame level. I went up to 7f traps for the off case like Bison, who doesn’t have a 5f, and might be inclined to interrupt with ST MP.


Got interesting stuff related to her target combo that I found. All about using a side switch (or not) after the target combo to get a stun setup.

Still having a bit of trouble using it in a match since it’s still new to me. Once you can footsie with the target combo this should come in really handy.


It’s much harder catching someone with her target combo in a match than I training mode. But it’s really cool looking stuff.


I wish I had the ability/know-how to make and edit videos. I would be putting some stuff up. Like match analysis and stuff like that. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.


Its not hard, I know nothing about video making. You just have to want to do it.


Well, I can give you some things that should help

First, you need a few tools

Video Recorder : I use OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) (if you use OBS, record to a .mp4)
Video Editor : I use VSDC Free Video Editor
Basic image editors if you want to get fancy : Paint, GIMP

Second is the hard part, just coming up with a plan, material, etc

  1. Come up with an idea (seems like you already have it)
  2. Imagine the video in your head over and over in different ways until you like an idea, then write that idea down and flesh it out. This is your script. Try to keep the script under 5 minutes if possible, you’d be surprised how quickly attention wavers.
  3. Time to get the material. Your script should tell you what material you need. For a replay analysis you just need a recording of the match

Third is the tedious part, video editing

Since you decided on replay analysis, you’ll probably need to bring in your video twice. The first you’d leave alone for the most part, the second though you’d split up into important parts, so that you could slow them down/speed them up as needed, even replay them a few times. Once you have your parts, then you just put them together left to right. Once it’s put together, just convert the video to an AVI and then upload it to youtube. After you upload it, you just need to share it here, or other places you might visit.


Ill be learning from these videos posted on here. B)


Hey guys, I don’t post on SRK much anymore, but I recently started capping a bunch of Juri tech I’ve discovered to share with everyone. Some good, some not as good, but if any of it is useful in any way, then I’ve done my part, lol.

I still have tons to cap, but here’s what I’ve uploaded so far:


Thanks so much for sharing that is a really good tech.


Season 2 Juri tech


V trigger delayed fireball strings I’ve been working on. Essentially let’s you use 2, 1 hit fireballs for longer strings and pressure. Be nice to get this more consistent.