Juri Thread

We know:

she’s a TKD character.

she kicks butterflies in half.

she has purple stuff/maybe psycho power.

she’s a she. unless capcom REALLY surprises us…

her super looks to involve one eye changing color

she has a knee attack. might be a tiger knee type deal, or more like guile’s knee attack.

EDIT: some dude later in the thread posted this and i thought i’d give it some attention in the first post since it took some time for him to write and now its getting lost in clutter.

Juri move analysis based on ruliweb video, screenshots and trailer.

Dash: fast crouch dash
Backdash: tumbles back, like Cammy

front: ??
back: slam the enemy with a downward kick, step on him twice

Focus: moves slightly back then does a high ark kick, like Rock’s (Garou) top attack

Standing attacks
Neutral: Flamingo stance like Jam (Guilty Gear)
LP: standard jab (that’s a good thing)
HP: hopefully its a kick not a punch
LK: quick horizontal poke, think Mature’s (KOF12) LK
???: quick hop attack, goes over low attacks, probably command normal (f+MK??)
???: 2 hit downward axe kick, fast overhead (8-10 frames), EDIT: cancelable

Crouching attacks
Neutral: Has her back towards screen, reminds me of a crouching May Lee (KOF02) in Hero mode
LP: standard crouching jab
MP??: medium punch aimed slightly upwards, probably faster than her cr.MK
???: kick aimed upwards, seems like a great anti-air, think Yungmie’s (Karnov’s Revenge) cr.HP. I really hope it’s her cr.HP, not command normal like Mukuro/Kenji’s (CFE) df+MK
LK: pretty standard
MK: long range, cancellable, she is positioned very close to the ground, so early enemy jump-ins may whiff
HK: sweep, nothing unusual

Jumping attacks
Standard medium range jump
LP: jab aimed downwards
HP: again I hope for a kick not a punch
LK: crossup !! knee attack, she actually changes facing in the air for it, seems like an excellent crossup (fingers crossed)
MK: horizontal kick, good range
HK: side kick, aimed slightly downwards, think Cody’s j.HK
???: stomp attack like Chun li, probably has the same command (d+MK), follow ups?

all her specials leave a purple trail
??: upward kick, could be launcher, her anti-air of choice?
??: somersault, EX does 3 in a row
??: short range kick projectile, knocks down, looks a bit like King’s (KOF) venom strike, EX does 2
??: air special (uncofirmed, gamespot video), not sure about this one
??: taunt, if hit she backdashes at great speed out of harms way

??: Multi projectile kicks, lots of hits don’t connect ATM

Ultra I
??: power up with timer, properties unknown

Ultra II:
??: sweeps then goes up doing chun li’s spinning bird kick (to this point it looks like Foxy’s (Bloody Roar 2) qcb+k), downward kick (like Kim’s (KOF) j.HP), dashes to the ground, kick impale, whispers in enemy’s ear, slam. Potential anti-air.


She’s got a dive kick and can combo to ultra? neat.

EDIT 3: stamina looks average or slightly below IF t. hawks ultra is as strong as zangiefs. if that ultra is weaker than gief then it looks like she has low stamina like chun.

EDIT 4: this thread is for facts and educated guesses, please leave crazy wild speculation out thank you!

EDIT 5: From JWongg’s blog post.
Juri Gameplay

Juri special moves

Counter ? QCB+P Her counter isnt like gouken counters. Depending on the punch you use, she does a different counter. If you use the jab version, she will dash backwards, if you use the medium punch version, she will go behind you. If you use the fierce version, she will jump up and be on top of you. Ex counter ? Unknown

Kick String move ? QCB +K It is a special move which starts from a mid kick and then depending on the kick you press, you will get a different ender. With light kick, you will get a low ender, with medium kick, you will get a mid ender, and the fierce kick you will probably get a overhead (havent used this version ) Ex- Unknown

Kick spinning move ? QCF+K. It is like a spinning kick lariat but used for combos then Anti air. Depending on the kick, you will get more hits and more rotation of the spin. The light kick version seems safe on block and the ex does a lot of damage and it seems to knockdown.

Air dive kick ? QCB+K It is basically like cammy cannon spike in the air. But the dive kick flutates in hits depending on the button. Light kick version seems abusable and the ex versions slams you into the wall, which leads into more combo opportunities.

Super ? QCF x2 into Kick. Its all right. It kinda doesn?t juggle properly

Ultra ? QCF x2 into Kickx3. Its the prettiest ultra by far.

Her combos (that I found out in 5 mins)

If your opponent is jumping, you can do jump strong, into another jump strong, into ultra.

In the corner you could do, cr light kick x2, into cr medium kick, into ex QCF+K into ultra.

Do a full focus attack, dash and tiger knee the ex air dive kick special and do ultra (this requires timing)

General stuff about Juri
Juri has a great ground dash. Its compared to chun li. Fast and short. She has easy link options. Her focus does not have that much range. Mainly the strings you want to use into a special move would be either from her standing medium punch or crouching medium kick. She cannot FADC from her special moves that I have tried.

Possible stuff
Juri might be able to do standing fierce punch into ultra because it launches on hit.

anything else?

I may main her if she plays like Kim.

it looks like she may have a fireball in the video with T.Hawk. It’s hard to tell though b/c everytime she did the move she was close.

If she is a charge character I may pick her up

I really hope she plays like kim and isn’t some chun-li rip off.

she seems like she kinda plays like Hworang from Tekken so may there is stance switching?

She has some form of repeating air kick a la Gen.

She has a “teleport” flash run (Kind of like Fox/Falco’s Illusion in Smash Bros)

Is she a foot balrog?
as in, only kicks no punches?

she punches i saw a punch thrown.

shes got some butterfly motif stuff, and her ultra is pretty over the top - tornado spinning twirl kick up into the air followed by a couple more kicks sandwiching a face caress…

Her dash seems low enough to go under fireballs. >.>

Yeah, but then again those ultra’s with special cutscene’s usually don’t turn out to useful, such as fei long’s or honda’s.

Her FA seems like a pretty beastly axe kick.

Suprise suprise. During her ultra, after she slides on the ground and then flys into T. Hawk, she then whispers “I have a penis” into his ear.

Does she have a teleport counter of some sort or is that just her back dash in the video?

Right before she does her super, she blocks or focuses an attack and then zips away really quickly. What do you guys think that is?

That’s where the actual dmg comes from

Another one of Bison’s discarded dolls, brought back to life by S.I.N. to take revenge!

I just reckon it’s a big dash.

Yo, Juri’s fuckin’ hot. I’d take the time to learn some of her shit just from what few screen time I seen with her.

Real talk. Her eye glows.


I am definitely amped for SSF4. Just because of Juri. I’m definitely interested to see how she plays as well.