Juri Trial #24 (How to hold Fuhajin)

I’m a bit troubled by the hand position for how you hold the 2 Fuhajins, how do you guys position it?

Also… will I use most of these trial combos in a real fight? or are they just exercise?

I don’t quite remember what Trial 24 has you doing but I’d suggest using your thumb and ring finger to hold 2 Fuhajins, freeing your index and middle finger to tackle the other button presses.

Jump H Kick
Crouch H Punch
M Fuhajin
Crouch M Kick
L Fuhajin
EX Focus Cancel
Crouch H Punch
EX Senpusha

I’ve been holding it with my index and middle ;( and using my ring for the heavy.

You on a pad or stick? Stick its really easy.

On a stick ;P. I guess I should go downstairs and give it another go, just 3 more Juri Trials ;D!

I use my index finger for the low and middle finger for the medium fireball. Also a tip that I figured out after an hour of practicing this trial, you just do a level 2 focus attack, not a dash cancel like some other chars do. I only had trial experience with akuma previously and he dash cancels his trials. The timing on the focus attack becomes the hardest part of this trial.

As far as using these in fights, a good amount of them are considered to be her bread and butter combos, so definitely try to get them into instinctual muscle memory. Her air to air combos are clutch, as are the ones that go into ultra 2. This particular trial I have gotten to use twice in combat so far and are great for corner pressure.

Hehe, yeah all about the corner pressure ;D! wow… pulling it off in a battle? they must suck… or… you’re really really good :smiley:

Ha def not really good. I did practice this combo for like 3 hours on 4th of July weekend after coming home from a party till 5 am though haha. I just got a lucky mixup and landed a jumping hk. I have noticed that sometimes they will get knocked back attempting to do so. Either way, should it fail, 2 stored fireballs can be used to keep pressuring or throw another ground combo out.

Yeah ;D. I don’t think I’d ever use this combo though… it’s my last combo in the trials too! Good to know though.

Different question on this trial:
I can get the timing to land everything up to and including the level 2 focus, but I can’t get close enough to land the second c.hp after that. I tried dashing in but I can’t get it to come out after the focus hits. I feel like I’m hitting the hard parts and missing something stupid easy. Can someone tell me what it is?

Just got it down today :slight_smile:

You need to make sure you hit lvl 2 focus attack so that he sort of falls over, then you buffer a dash out of the FA and continue from there.

At least that’s how I did it.

Practice this trial the correct way. It will help you get the timing down if a fuhajin fadc.

Holding fuhajin is not hard. This is why this trial is important. It teaches you a juri fudamental. I’m not saying holding two fuha is the most important thing, but will help your corner pressure IMO.

Nevertheless. Keep at it. Once you let go of short release fadc dash up and go for the combo. It’s not really hard, my execution is booty and took me all of 1 hr to get her trials done. Got stuck on oh > c short.

Another tip Is that there is a visual gap in btw the fuha hit. You can almost go into the next part on reaction.

As far doing this combo in a match, it’s a very bad choice. It costs 3 bars and does 410 dmg. Not FADC’ing the Fuhajin and just linking a c.mk into ex pinwheel does 414 dmg. So saves you 2 bars and gains you 4 dmg. Even comboing into FSE and doing a max dmg combo in it only does 408. Unless your looking to be flashy, doing the simple combo will usually be better.

This was only tested on Ryu. The far ex pinwheel might not hit fully on smaller chars.

Yeah! ;D I find a lot of the times you have to buffer a dash, but be careful not to dash cancel it by accident LOL (my noob mistake)

I agree ;D

Yeah! ;D I find a lot of the times you have to buffer a dash, but be careful not to dash cancel it by accident LOL (my noob mistake)

I agree ;D