Juri Tutorial + Matches



Hey guys! Going through the internet I didn’t really come across many Feng Shui engine tutorials that talked about extending the length of her combos during her Ultra 1. So I made one. Please tell me what you think

I might make another one in the future if I left anything important out. If you guys have any suggestions on what to put in please let me know :slight_smile:

Edit: I also have other videos with matches on my page too!


I really appreciate that you took the time to make a tutorial to try to help people learn Juri.

That said, I think you’re focusing heavily on one aspect of her ultra and leaving the rest of it out. Fireballs do make the chain sequence start over from the beginning, but it’s often hard to start a good FSE combo without your LK, and hard to combo into cr.HP (so you can guarantee MK fireball will hit) on many characters. Plus, resets are by far the most important part of FSE and what make it so scary.


Hey Voidstar! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I did focus heavy on one aspect only because I felt I haven’t yet mastered her Ultra 1 the same way a lot of A rank players use them (JR05E, WeirdoNeo, Xcelancer, etc) As I progress with her I’ll probably make another Feng Shui tutorial down the line. Feed back will definitely help! Thanks!

I do see a lot of good players start off a combo with standing far MP, because it has good reach when you dash in, and MK and HK will link, therefore letting you get a FADC (or fireball like you suggested, LK comes to mind) off standing HK


Well, that makes sense, I can definitely see a far MP -> crouch MK -> stand HK -> LK fireball -> continue combo working. I try to be right on top of my opponent though, I feel that if I’m far enough back to be using far MP I’m too far. Maybe I’ll give it a try though.


Fireball combos in the corner with Feng Shui engine are pretty much a waste as long as you have at least 1 bar because her 1 bar corner BnB deals 446 damage off cr.MK(456 off an overhead) and if you do it with a fireball off cr.MK it’s 461 while being more character specific than the fireball-less combo and wasting significantly more FSE time. Fireball combos when you have no bars and your combo will not build one bar are definitely worth it, though. That situation, however, comes up very rarely. I’d rather just save it for after you’re done with the combo for pressure and resets. Using fireballs in midscreen and FADC combos obviously is useless with FSE.

Currently I’m wondering why no one else does cr.LK cr.LK -> LK Senpusha(2hit) -> FADC -> cl.MP(or s.LK s.LP cr.HP character specific) combos off crouch tech. 100+ damage for FADC has never been a bad deal.


@Shikyo, I’m horrible at poking into a combo and the time allowed between LK Pinwheel and FADC is strick. Very hard to do and risky for me at the skill level I’m at. It is something i’m going to have to ground myself in working on soon though.

The more I find out about Juri the less I know about her overall lol


Subbed. Like your content



Thanks! Since the critique of my last commentary I was thinking of taking the critiques of my matches from the veteran players and adding them to the descriptions of my videos, so people can see directly what I’m doing wrong and read up on how to correct it. Of course I’d give the authors full credit and a direct link to where they said it.


this thread should be entitled: FSE Tutorials…