Juri ver.2012 Changes

Juri Changes

•Faster forward dash during FSE
•Expanded hit box for 2nd hit of st.mk
•Hitbox for FA repositioned to hit crouching/low position characters better.
•+50 damage to Fuhajin rising kick
•+5F advatage on hit for 1st hit of lk Senpusha
•+5F advatage on hit for 1st & 2nd hit of mk/hk Senpusha
•+5F advatage on hit for 2nd hit of EX Senpusha
As such, Senpusha -> FADC -> U2 combo is now possible
•EX Senpusha is invincible until 1st hit during FSE
•Changes in EX Shikusen trajectory:
lk+mk: same as before
mk+hk: same as mk shikusen
lk+hk: same as hk shikusen
3K: same as before
•Super Meter increases at 1/3 of normal rate during FSE

What are your thoughts on some of this changes and Buff’s I’m amazed actually!! lol

I’m dumb, some one explain this to me.

EDIT: I see the hit stun got buffed not the block stun.

I wonder if that means that if lk pw only gets blocked by one hit, then it’s two frames less minus.
I’m happy with the changes anyway, especially being able to fadc combo easily from pinwheel and being able to control trajectory on ex dive. Now fireballs will be punished with ex dive into combo, awesome!

Love the Senpusha > FADC > Ultra 2 as well as the 1/3 meter gain for FSE. :slight_smile:

Not in the least. That EX Dive Kick change is ONLY during Feng Shui Engine. =/

Wait I read that wrong, +5 on first hit of lk pw, that is, +5 EXTRA.
so it’s +8 now?
Still, does this also affect on block?

It’s +5 altogether, and it does not affect on block. However, with the +5 (since I assume they didn’t fix the fact that it whiffs on crouchers) it should make it safe on whiff.

If it +5 then u2 is 5f now instead of 10.
If it is +8 then u2 is 8f now instead of 10.
Either way u2 should have recieved a speedbuff.

It’s +5 and Ultra 2 wasn’t even addressed at all by Capcom. GG. =/

“Senpusha -> FADC -> Kaisen Dankairaku (Ultra 2) now possible.”

Quite seemingly, something has changed.

“Senpusha (Pinwheel): LK is has 5 frame extra advantage on first hit; MK, HK have 5 frame extra advantage on 1st, 2nd hit; EX has 5 frame extra advantage on 2nd hit.”

You can FADC with the 5 frame advantage and pull off U2 now. The change was in the +5 for Pinwheel, not the Ultra.

regardless, if these changes do stay intact up to the release of the new patch for AE, then FSE will without a doubt be THE ultra of choice
I believe this is what FSE should have been from the beginning
heres hoping that Juri remains untouched during the location tests and no one conjures up any crazy thoughts that this new set of tools is OP

No, both has to have been changed for it to work.
Pinwheel fadc right now is +3, because st.lk is a 1f link.
U2 right now, according to frame data is 0+10f.
Meaning that for Pinwheel fadc u2 to work then you would need to add 7f of advantage to it.
However, we know that they have added 5f of advantage, which puts it at +8, and being +8 and comboing into a 10f move doesn’t work. Which is why u2 has to have recieved a speed buff for this combo to work.

I can’t make it any clearer than this.

Eh, I think it’s pretty dumb that Capcom clearly wants every Juri player to use U1. From what I was seeing from previous buffs to the cast, it was looking like they were attempting to make both Ultras useful in one way or another. Guess not. :frowning:

I have no idea what Capcom did, then. Because there is no mention of a faster startup on U2.

Regarding pinwheel fadc ultra read m post in the other thread, why do we have 2 of the same thread anyway?

@AlietteFaye: As I stated in the Juri general thread, in the early translation for Juri, it said her U2 was ‘good’ for AA
Maybe both will still be completely viable now
Probably this is the answer to your discussion with Skatan?
Her U2 may start up a few frames faster making the Senpusha -> FADC viable
just an opinion

Skatan:Clearly, there is a mention in the testimony!

Judge: Really, where, I can’t see it?


Skatan: Adding these two statments together:
"Senpusha (Pinwheel): LK is has 5 frame extra advantage on first hit; MK, HK have 5 frame extra advantage on 1st, 2nd hit; EX has 5 frame extra advantage on 2nd hit."
"Senpusha -> FADC -> Kaisen Dankairaku (Ultra 2) now possible"
Do you see it now, your Honor?

Judge: Ah!

Skatan: Exactly, there was a mention of it being changed, if you add one and one together!

Capcom don’t mention every buff and nerf. Ken’s biggest buff in the entire series was his faster sweep allowing him to finally combo into sweep. This was not listed in the dev blog notes for Kens AE entry. As Skatan has said you cannot combo into a 10 frame start up Ultra with +8… they must’ve increased the startup of Ultra 2.

ffs u guys can’t just read the other thread… Forward dash can be cancelled into a special on the last 2 frames, fml.

Ohhhhhh. Pinwheel 1st hit gains 5 frames? I thought it was just @ +5.

Ok now that data makes sense. You end up +8 and then you use the cancelable frames at the end of the dash to hit the ultra. For some reason, I thought those frames at the end was just a buffer so that your specials come out asap after dashing, not that you could actually do the move two frames early.