Juri vs C.Viper Line Art

I was recently commissioned to do this image and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Seemed like something the SRK forums would appreciate!


Wow, definitely impressive. Great linework, great look.
You gotta be doin something for the srk t-shirt contest!

Dude that is amazing! Reminds me of something you would find in a coloring book.

…in faaaact…

looks good.

That’s on your fridge door right now isn’t it?

def. appreciate…very nice.

I like the perspective. Very good.

fuck yeah.

looks yum yum

Need more Chun-Li.

Pretty sure more Chun-Li would have confused the person who gave him the commission.

Cannot unsee the o3o. Pretty slick art, though.

Looks good :slight_smile:

ooooooooooooohhohoho, I like it!

Sexy piece

very cool

Looks great. I really wish you used a lighter line weight for the light shining from Juri’s eye, though.


The illustration is nice, you gave them a contortioning pose which is trippy.