Juri vs. Chris G's Yun + Salty Rants




Went into the lab and found a simple standing LP will snuff out Yun’s divekicks. This helped tremendously in this fight because it takes away many of Yun’s mixups. Juri’s regular attacks can also go toe to toe with Yun’s ground game.

I’m also doing a commentary on my losing fights called “Salty Rants”, where I talk about the mistakes I made in a fight and what I could possibly do as a Juri player to improve. I would love any suggestions you guys have on what I could do differently next time around, as well as find out what Juri tactics are solid against other characters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgwJOfX9i60
Feedback would be excellent!!


Go to the video thread man and I and I’m sure lots of others would definitely critique and give feedback.


stand jab beating dive kicks has been a ‘thing’ since before the twins were introduced man. need to do some research :wink:


Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback. I assumed this was a Juri-centrict forum so I wanted to post something Juri specific. I’ll post on the video section :slight_smile:

@genkibot, this is exactly what i was looking for: interaction instead of just looking up what’s already written. I know the basics, but I like having dialog when it comes to match ups with between specific characters and the experts who play them. There’s always something new to find out :slight_smile:


once they fix the fucking forums i’ll start working on the masterclass thread again, which will contain information like this. until then, though… i can’t do shit haha