Juri wakeup help

So what can she do to get up when she gets knocked down ?

Im used to ryu and zangief where options seems more simple and obvious. im just learning juri, any tips ?

block. just block.

Like Emblem Lord told me once: " . . . try not to get knocked down"

This is my first post, but I think I can handle this one…

Blocking is usually your best option. Others include:

EX Counter (direction depends on situation) - useful if you see their jumping attack already out, if they do an obvious meaty, or if they’re trying to chip you out. Loses to empty jumps, throws, armor breakers, and to an opponent who walks up and does nothing to bait you.

EX Pinwheel - very risky because it has long startup and recovery and trades a lot. Recommended that you only do this if you have 3 meters so you can FADC it. Even then, some characters can punish you if they trade with it. It’s invincible to throws and projectiles so it could be useful against grapplers and some moves that count as projectiles (Viper’s burn kick, Dictator’s EX psycho crusher, etc). Generally a bad idea.

Close MK - useful against grapplers or if you think the opponent is going to throw you on wakeup. The 6 startup frames are all airborn so throws will whiff, and if you get hit out of the air you’ll just reset on the ground. It’s not safe on block so cancel it into a fireball store or release.

Backdash - Her backdash isn’t spectacular, and you’ll get blown up if someone uses an option select. Can avoid some things though.

Forward dash - She crouches really low to the ground so she can go under poorly timed jump attacks or air moves. I use this a lot against Adon and bad Akumas. Zero invincibility.

Focus backdash or Focus forward dash - The focus can stop an option select from coming out since the original attack made contact. It’s not hard to punish this if they’re looking for it though.

Crouch tech - Try to use sparingly. If they successfully bait a crouch tech you eat more damage than the throw would have done. Beats throws and whatever her cr.lk would beat.

Throw or Kara throw - Some people do this, but it seems like a bad idea to me.

Ultras - Just don’t.

Blocking is pretty much the best wakeup. EX-Counter is next best, mostly useful for obvious safejumps etc, but don’t get too used to it because if you do it too often they’ll start empty jump -> punish.

Those are pretty much your only two options. Voidstar hit the nail on the head with your other options. The other person I forward dash a lot against is Fuerte. If he wants to ambiguous splash you, forward dash out of it and punish.

how to avoid getting knocked down?.. any tips…?

Have solid fundamentals, play footsies, know the ranges of characters sweep/throw.

thanks, do you have a link on how to start out footsies for juri?