Juri Winning?

Does anyone feel that Juri will win any majors this year or top level tournaments. Seems to me that top winners will be Ryu or Akuma. I hope I am wrong but I feel a lot of players will pass her up for a much easier player. Like to have peoples thoughts on this.

Juri does well vs some of the upper tier characters like Ryu, C.Viper, Gief, Rog, Sagat etc. so it’s possible. But at the same time she does have some really fucked up matchups like Akuma, Adon, Bison, Seth and Sakura among others. It’s definitely not easy to win a tourney with Juri.

I would rather fight an army of Akumas and Adons than a single Seth or Sakura. I hate those 2.

Well, Juri placed 6th last year, right? Will Juri win Evo? I doubt it strictly based on the fact that the best players we have in SF don’t play Juri. Juicebox and Neo are the only two. Infiltration plays Juri, but he never pulls her out when it matters.

Maybe if Floe plays her? Though he just played Guy at the LG cup against Wolfkrone. I kind of think he would have done better with Juri against Viper.

I surely also have high hopes Juri can win evo, the advantage i honestly think will help her is that fact that most players all around the world dont have the juri match up down and her gimmicks come out on top in the end. (just my opinion)

They don’t play Hakan either . . . .
The only way I see it is if someone uses Juri as an alt to cover particular matchups (like Juicebox).
But don’t hold your breath.

Yeah juicebox uses abel and subs juri.

Its sad that so many people wont play Juri full time. Its like they play her enough to learn what she does then they drop her for a much easier character. I would like to see Mogo stay with her, But I think he will go right back to Fei or Sagat. One Juri player I would like to see more of is The Beasts Brother He has a great Juri.

So its up to Neo and Kail to show the FGC just how good Juri is in 2012. They Fate of the world in on there backs now. Dont let us down.

Younashi being US or at least attending EVO would go a long way.

I hope Weirdoneo makes it far this time.

What kind of attitude is let Kail and Neo do it? Juri’s in there. Let’s go!

Bcuz those two go to the majors. Then give a list of ppl that have done good with Juri on the big stage. That dont go 2 and out. I just would like to see Juri place better than she has in the past. Seems like all the hard work we do to learn her that there are not top finishes.

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This thread is dumb, Juri wins tournaments in Japan plenty of times, why do you think Younashi has recently become so popular, just because it doesnt get the spotlight in American FG culture doesnt mean it doesnt go on. American streams dont == the only tournaments, Japanese arcades arent allowed to be recorded most of the time, thats why you dont see it happen.

Well Kail u have been Chosen to lead us to victory. Or at least do it for the Children Kail… lol