Juri's final USF4 changes (Updated)




• Close Standing LP hitbox expanded downward
• Close Standing MP start-up speed during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version
• Close Standing MK start-up speed during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version; considered airborne from the 2nd frame; unthrowable from the first frame
• Far Standing MP now Special-cancellable
• Far Standing LK start-up reduced by 1 frame (5F → 4F)
• Far Standing HK hitbox size during Feng Shui Engine now the same as normal version
• Kasatushi now takes recoverable damage when absorbing attacks
• L, M and H Shikusen no longer can be done from back jump
• Second Impact and Third Strike hitbox expanded, less likely to miss
• EX Shikusen now has input follow-ups like the normal version, activates with any single K button; trajectory changes with button combination: L+M is L Shikusen, M+H is M Shikusen, L+H is H • Shikusen trajectory; advantage on guard reduced by 3 frames
• EX Fuhajin (M+H) now hits grounded opponents
• EX Fuhajin (L+H) damage increased 20 (5050 → 6060)
• EX Senpusha invincibility time increased by 1 frame (6F → 7F); disadvantage on block increased by 1 frames (-14F → -15F); pulls opponent in closer when blocked
• Feng Shui Engine (UC1) invincibility time reduced by 2 frames (4F → 2F)
• Kaisen Dankairaku (UC2) hitbox slightly expanded horizontally


Super excited to experiment with the j.HP changes. Still salty about losing the back jump divekick though. :frowning:


Hey I was wondering, what about j.hp not knocking down makes it so strong? What kind of stuff would you do with it?


I’m not an expert by any means, but one theoretical advantage is the ambiguous nature of the move. I’m also assuming you can cancel it into special moves, which increases your mix up potential.


Someone in the other thread said that the j.hp note doesn’t appear on the eventhubs list or in the original Japanese changes. Possibly an error that was transcribed?


here is what it says on eventhubs


  • Close standing light punch: Hitbox increased to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Close standing medium punch: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Close standing middle kick: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Far standing middle punch: Can cancel into special moves
  • Far standing light kick: Start up reduced (5F->4F)
  • Far Hard Kick: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Crouching middle kick: Starts up faster (6F->5F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Reduced recovery (17F->16F)
  • Kasatsuchi (counter): Takes white damage when opponent’s attack is countered
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Shikusen: Cannot be performed when jumping backwards
  • Shikusen: 2nd and 3rd attack hitboxes have been enlarged and adjusted to hit more consistently
  • EX Shikusen: Follow up attacks only come out if one of the K buttons is pressed
  • EX Shikusen: Attack trajectory affected by which two buttons are pressed to perform the attack (LK+MK = close, MK+HK = Middle, LK+HK = far)
  • EX Fuhaijin: MK+HK version can now hit crouching opponents
  • EX Fuhaijin: LK+HK version damage has been increased (5050->6060)
  • EX Senpusha: Invincibility increased (1F~6F->1F~7F)
  • EX Senpusha: Disadvantage after guard increased (-14F->-15F)
  • Feng Shui Engine: Invincibility on start up reduced (1~4F->1~2F)
  • Kaisen Dankairaku: Hitbox has been extended horizontally


May have some trouble telling which is real, perhaps SRK copied and pasted the wrong patch list? Maybe we just needa see the Juri video (if there is going to be one) for the character USF4 trailer(the ones theyve been posting for the past few weeks.


Welp. Now I’m just confused. And scared. T_T


So it looks like ex dive kick is no longer a frame trap, that sucks.


Notes on SRK were updated. No j.HP change.



What changes make it no longer a frame trap?


As of right now it is negative on block. I believe they were going to buff it, and make it a frame trap. I don’t see anything on this list about ex shikusen being + on block.

  • Close standing medium punch: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Far standing middle punch: Can cancel into special moves
  • Far standing light kick: Start up reduced (5F->4F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Starts up faster (6F->5F)
  • Kasatsuchi (counter): Takes white damage when opponent’s attack is countered
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Shikusen: Cannot be performed when jumping backwards
  • EX Senpusha: Invincibility increased (1F~6F->1F~7F)
  • Kaisen Dankairaku: Hitbox has been extended horizontally

These are the changes that I think are key for Juri’s future.

*Close Standing Medium Punch in FSE – thank you @Metallicmike for making that video showing the differences between in-and-out of FSE frame data.
*Far Standing Middle Punch being cancelable means we now have a block string that ends with 100% blocked Fuhajin raise in the corner.
*Far Standing Light Kick means we can punish Rekkas \o/
*Crouching Medium Kick was really good already, and now it’s 5F?! Everyone needs to learn the cl.s.LK -> c.MK link instead of wasting time on the s.LP since it’ll be the new BnB (I avoid doing it now 'cause I don’t plink…) – though s.LP -> c.MP does like 10 more damage =
*Kasatushi… My trolling will finally come to an end… (mashing Kasatushi to go back into corner during opponent pressure).
*Shikusen… …sigh -_-; Oh well. It’s not like we could space a safe dive kick anyways =\ If it’s going to be punishable, might as well go all out~
*EX Senpusha \o/ The only buff I really wanted was realized lol
*Kaisen Dankairaku: This may be the biggest buff T_T With Double Ultra, Juri can hit Dive Kick -> Ultra 2 more consistently on all the characters now T_T I may even consider going solo U2 if the hitbox is really that much better.


We actually don’t know if it’s + or -, we just know that the 1 hit ex divekick is in. Blockstun on 1 hit EX divekick is unknown and since they didn’t list it we can’t tell just from the official change log. In the builds prior, people said ex divekick was + on block, so I think there’s a chance of it being in


I just saw that they edited out the j.HP change. Prolly a good call for Capcom not to give us that.

@DaymanMasterOfKarate you can beat damn near any reversal with j.HP, but it’s hard to get anything off it because it’s a soft knockdown. If the knockdown was taken away, we could get jump in combos for free against wakeup reversals. On top of that it’s ambiguous as hell.

Hopefully a single hit ex dive is still +on block. I think it’s kinda pointless to make it possible to do a single hit ex and have it still be as punishable as a normal blocked dive.


My favorite buff is a tie between st.MP and cr.MK. I’m pretty excited!

That dive kick nerf though. Bleh :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, kasatushi is now useless. Might as well focus->dash. Ex dive buffs are great and I honestly don’t think losing backjump normal divekick is that bad. Buffs to our normals are the most important things. Ex pinwheel is… ok. We’ll still lose to things like Cody’s nj.HP because pinwheel’s hitbox is dumb. Ex mid fireball will be nice for locking people down. U1 time didn’t get nerfed which is nice. There were also notes that Juri gets 70% of U1 time (630f) if she picks double ultra, which is pretty good. The ex high fireball buff is pretty worthless though - I guess it’ll help those swag cr.HP -> ex high fireball -> U2 corner combos on the few characters they work on.

Overall I’m happy, I just wish they weren’t making a move useless. There’s no reason to have useless moves in a fighting game (close HK, that means you too).


Kasatushi is still useful to get out of the corner horizontally.
EX Pinwheel not being invincible before active frames was her biggest fault.
People use ex.Fireballs on purpose? -_-;


EX fireballs are great for corner pressure. I still drop my FADC links about half the time, so when i have meter and have them in the corner I’ll burn some to keep them there. I guess the MK equivalent buff will help against them jumping out, but it seems like a useless change since we don’t have to worry about what we have stored (and which buttons we have available) with EXs. I would have loved to see normal MK fireballs adjusted to hit crouchers, though.

All in all, I think we’re gonna be in good shape. Some of Juri’s best normals got buffed, and that’s really where she shines anyway. Wakeup options are still pretty bad bar EX pinwheel, but delayed wakeup should help out there.


I’ve avoided commenting on Juri’s changes in case someone was reading and decided to take some things away from y’all poor souls who plan to buy this mutated noob friendly wannabe fighting game version of sf4.

What she lost is minimal compared to what she gained. First her normals:
[list] []st.lp hitting more crouchers means combos into cr.HP, which means more damage []far lk being 4 frames punishes more moves, from rekkas, to soul spirals, to some overheads.Now links into itself. Also a little better as a counter hit vs late throw tech which will now combo into 5 frame cr.mk [] 5 frame cr.mk means it now combos from a cr.short.Aside from looking like a real tae kwon do combo(all kicks) this means the opponent can never stand up during block strings. If you use the light chaining trick to keep your fireball you can now confirm into either ultra. It increases the confirm range on chars who end up too far away after a couple of cr.lks.Also since the mk will replace a light in a confirm and also replacing mk pinwheel w/ hk pinwheel, it increases the damage in both the normal and special used[]far st.mp means that for those characters her current bnb did not reach, she can now not only reach but the mp adds more damage [*] cl.mp being 3 frames under FSE means she can now plink with lk to combo from a pinwheel-> fadc-> ultra1. Still a tough thing to do, but now you dont have to solely rely on an unplinkable st.lk to pull it off[/list]

Her specials:
[list][] ex pinwheel buff. Not much to say except it will be a real momentum killer. Still as unsafe as ever but with less chance of being beat out.With three bars you cannot be zoned. You can counter forwards use an ex pinwheel->fa dash and be +3 frames on block afterwards(I think).[] Ex fireball hitting crouchers. I feel this is huge.It stays on the screen a good while, so it locks them down to store a reg fb for zoning, or to rush in after it. Cant be focused and they gotta react to it or be forced to block.So it will either get you chip damage and/or space, or force them into the air. Might even allow a safe jump in if done from max range. Pretty sure a max range cr.mk->ex mid fb will lock them down while you FSE activate and dash in safely[*]ex divekick. With the follow up kicks being optional, I feel it can now blow up throw attempts. It now has three ranges so you can probably blow up more evading moves like teleports. I suspect cross up ex divekick will be a thing now. I think ex always had a better hitbox for cross ups and now with the followup being optional could be a strong possibility[/list]

Now with the retarded -5 fadc uppercuts. They’ve pretty much ruined what semblance of competitiveness this game had. I dont see how those matchups dont jump HUGELY into Juri’s favor. They cant dash backwards cuz lk pinwheel will blow it up, So they can only focus attack forward which will leave them at -2. So they gain nothing using two bars. They take huge risks in throwing fb’s, WTF else do they got? They’ve made chars that are as bad as Juri was when she was first added.

I honestly feel she will be among the best in Ultra. Too bad they ruined the game. With -5 fadc uppercuts and the REMOVAL OF HARD KNOCKDOWNS which they tried to mask by calling it “delayed wakeup” all this means nothing.
“Oh crap, I’ve just been knocked down. No worries, let me just lay down here here for a bit.”

You know, now that I think of it, Maybe they should add a feature where you stay down as long as you keep holding the buttons. That way you NEVER even have to worry about actually fighting. You would never lose! I’m sure that would be great!

Ok I think I’m done lol. Thats the main reason I just dont/wont post anymore, to fight the urge to rant. MAYBE if someone releases the pirated game, I’ll waste my time trying to see whats actually possible in the game, but I will never play it. Something I never did without buying the game.

For those of y’all who remember how super street fighter 2 was recieved by the players, that is pretty much my hope for the reception of this pos. But I think there are different kinds of players now, so the chance of that is probably low.