Juri's Hardest Punish?


Hiya! Not sure where to put up this question but I’m just starting up to take Street Fighter seriously and need some help with Juri’s max punish. I heard she’s got pushback nerf in Ultra so can someone tell me if this punish still works?
Cr. HP xx HK 2 hits FADC > cl. MP xx LK release, cr. MK xx HK wheel

If not, what’s a better option? Also, is there somewhere I can find this in action? I really don’t know the timing to FADC out of the wheel.


Go to the Juri subforums…answers await you in abundance


for that combo try using the lk pinwheel instead of the first 2 its of hk, since lk does more damage than the first 2 hits of hk

  1. he can’t use LK wheel because he has the LK fireball stored
  2. 1st hit of LK wheel does 60 damage while 2 hits of HK Wheel do 100 dmg