Juri's Kara throw

What is it?

medium punch and the throws…i hope thats what u were asking

good string to utilize it is c.lk c.lk then kara throw
mix ups using fb, pinwheel, divekick and kara

Thank you for this =)

Her Kara throw isn’t ken status, but its definitely not Ryu status, lmao. Its actually kinda like Vega’s.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

I was playing the other night and kept trying to tick throw. After more than one hit I would almost always miss the grab, unless if I took 5 minutes to walk over to the character lol. The kara throw helps sooo much and it comes out all the time.

anyway someone could explain this to me a bit better? i been trying this out and i think i can only notice a VERY slight difference in range. could not get the c.lk c.lk kara to land, hence why im skeptical im doing it wrong.

I think Juri’s kara-throw is supposed to be a slight difference, s.mp is possibly the only normal she has that gives her the biggest movement forward. It may not be much but considering that her throw range is already so short and her walk speed is horrendously painstakingly slow , the slight difference does help in tight situations.
I don’t think anyone has a Kara-Throw that takes such a big step as Ken’s.

her walk speed isnt that bad… u ever try makoto? but anyway to get it to execute its just mp+lk+lp?

hope that helps =]

yeah makoto’s walk speed is a killer, whens she walking forward she does some funny movement lool its actually kind of funny to watch

PLUS am i the only one that notices HUGO (i think lol) from 3rd Strike on the ‘Construction Works’ stage ?

that helps ALOT. i realized if i just angle my hand and press all three it makes the mp input just SLIGHTLY before the throw, resulting in an obvious kara throw. thank u good sir.

hahah first time anyone has actually thanked me for helping them out of this site … so COOL :blush:

:rofl: but yeah i find it pretty hard because im to used to kens kara throw but yh i guess ill just have to get used to it!!!

Please, that’s Andore. :rofl:

oh i thought it was lool my bad. Thanks for letting me know =P

It would greatly help, if someone could show a video of their hands when doing the kara throw.

Basically this


But with a Medium Punch instead

I have been practicing this for a bit. It is a completely random occurance for me. How does one train to make this consistent? I can do it sometimes, but I really just can’t do it with any sort of confidence. Anyone have tips on getting this down pat? The videos here sorta helped but personal tips on how one learned it is what I am lookin for.

Hate to bump a really old thread, but in practice last night I found another kara throw with her with st.hk, its not half as good as her st.mp one though.

We’re aware (I hope so at least), lol.

Sorry, Didn’t see Unsungunner’s question. I’ll actually tackle this now.

The best way to train this is to go into the lab and work on it. Just put the dummy on random block and practice it without any setups…just…keep trying it. Then go to the dummy and jump in…try and use a combo…notice if he’s blocking or not and stop the combo and kara throw. Or use a lk pinwheel then kara throw. Or use a combo…stop…overhead…kara throw.

The point is not only to train your hands to do it, but to train your hands to do it naturally when using tactics. Its like i can plink a combo but some combos I drop because I drop the plink in the combo. You gotta train like this, or else its for nothing…heh.

ah, sorry, lol I wasnt sure.