Juri's Safe Jump Setup?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a safe jump setup. Now i have nly seen maybe about one or two out there on youtube but i’m not sure that it was intentional. [media=youtube]Lk7E1Qifzk4[/media] showed me what i think is a safe jump at the begining around the 10second mark. Juri jumped in and the shoryuken wiffed when she landed. Now i understand the distance but to think of the ditance during a match is rather hard when you are focusing on other matters like footsies and baiting (etc) So i was wondering if someone found a safe jump setup.

Sorry if this answer has been posted already and if so, can the link be posted here? Sorry again.

safe jump is when you jump and attack them on knockdown. the timing is specific so that if they try to reversal, you can land and then block.

here is sh1Nd’s excellent video demoing an option select safe jump after a backthrow.

you can also set it up off of a sweep, and you can also do a sweep after an air-to-air j.mp.

it wasnt actually a safe jump cause she didnt use any attack and was out of range… well i dont think she has a safe jump like those, just the j.faps one.