Jurisdiction 2.0 - Team Juri (PSN) on Wednesday's, Friday's & Sunday's with me, GrandJuri



I sorta copied and re-wrote some stuff from the original thread as it was really well written, not as flashy as the other one I know but still, its worth reading. hopefully the mods, or Mr.Flowers will lock/Delete the other thread.

Main points:
o Date - Wednesdays (Starting @ 4pm EST), Fridays (Open Schedule) & Sundays (Anytime your available), or anytime 2-3 Players are gathered in the chat room.

o Host - GrandJuri. Please add this account.

o Requirements - Must main or alt Juri. We are open to other characters being used, but you must use Juri once in awhile.

o Chat Room - The online meeting place. Once invited you can join anytime you sign in. Friend me for an invite to the chat room. It will be named Jurisdiction 2.0

  • Don’t forget that in SSF4 you can invite a chat room to REPLAY CHANNEL, ENDLESS, TOURNAMENT & TEAM BATTLE
    It really makes inviting alot of people at once to something easy without them even being on your list. This is why joining the chat room is so important.

o About Us - We are Juri Players of varying skill levels looking for fun, challenges & progression.

o Contact Us - Post on this thread or PM Shake3/Lion_Jak & Ramma here on SRK or on PSN: MikeyB_Shake/RammaCricket//Tr4gic_Lion/GrandJuri.
Or via Twitter: Tweet your psn, location and #Jurisdiction or whatever to @ItsJMikeyB

o Notes - For the highest quality experience it is advised that you use a bluetooth keyboard, full sized USB keyboard or microphone.
Please don’t wait for me to sign in to get games going. I won’t always be around. As long as people are in the chat room someone should start a lobby. If alot of people are in the chat room then go ahead and divide by region. IF there is enough people playing, Try and attempt to run a Team Battle or Tournament mode with each other. Endless should be kept to 4-5 players max IMO.
Don’t forget to save replays! To save a match of two other people playing press select to ‘save reservation’ during their fight. It won’t save the replay unless you watch to the end.
For this to work you need an invite to the chat room.

Add the PSN: GrandJuri
I’ll be coming on on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays and I’ll host lobbies and invite everyone to the chat room.

I want to fill this account with dedicated Juri Players.
A chat room can hold 15 people.
Please join the chat whenever you come online on Sundays whether you want to play with us or not, so that you could ask questions about certain matchups and combos if you need any help, or discuss SF with us.

Lets not let things get dry either. Don’t only play Endless. Team Battle and Tournament mode can be fun with 8 Juri players.

Some Ideas I came up with: Tournament mode: You must use Juri at least ONCE throughout the whole tournament, you could use her for the whole tournament if you want.

Team Battle: we can do Team Blue/Red play Juri and Team Blue/Red play any character EXCEPT for Juri. This way, we?ll be able to gain/share knowledge about character specifics, and see if the Juri player can punish the move, if not, we tell them! Then after we switch Team Red/Blue now uses Juri and Team Blue/Red have to switch to another character.

The aim is to aid each other and challenge each other. Hopefully picking up bits of other people’s playstyles and having fun as we go along.

I’ll start sending out friend requests to the players that posted on the original thread and I’ll post the names of all people who successfully get added here aswell.

*New members should state their PSN, their location AND their pingtest results if they want to sign up

******Test out your internet connection here: http://www.pingtest.net/

GrandJuri’s PSN Friend List & Locations

Ankuzero (Canada)
A_K_A_Goodfella (France)
AriesWarlock (USA)

BAC123_96 (USA)
BlazeSRK (USA)
Bloodyxhawk (USA)
Blonde-Bachi (UK)
blueyesdevil (Belgium)
Boitacarton (Netherlands)
Boom_Daddy (USA)
brrowncllown (
Brittboys (USA)


D-Arrah (Memphis, TN)
Dacitizen (U.K)
DaXplosion (New Jersey, U.S)
deice- (Finland)
Devilstar22 (USA)
dog-on (Scranton, PA, U.S)
dSb86CallouS (UK)
Dydy908 (France)

ECMatt (London, England)
efex23 (Canada)
elPolo_Diablo (New Jersey, U.S)
eVileLoD (USA)


GrandJuri (UK/Canada/U.S) (Can be either me MikeyB_Shake, Lion_Jak, RammaCricket or MattRuss)

Hellz88 - USA(Arizona)
hotaru-kotaru (France)

illuminate_00 (USA)
imSevenup (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Jampirow (Brazil)

KaizerRose (USA)
ken123103 (USA)
knh564 (USA)

lamontraccoon (USA)
Lion_Jak (Ohio, US)
Loryuo (USA)

MikeyB_Shake (Toronto, Canada)
MourningCoffee (Massachusetts, U.S)
Mr_Flowers_- (UK)
MystiqueAgent (Ohio, US)


OhSuAkira (USA)
Orangejelly (Florida)

Pesara (Ireland)
PitifulKarmaZ (USA)

*Quanchi401 (Ibuki player)

RammaCricket (New Jersey, USA)
Rebourne_ (NYC, U.S)
Reuben7 (U.K)

Seekwill (Canada)
Seph_luis_br (USA)
ShadowSlayer0 (USA)
siamsnake (USA)

thealphafirm (NC, USA)


Vic_Viper_T301 (Canada)

WeekendWarriors_ (Netherlands)
WeirdoNeo (USA)
*Wrecklessguy (Yun player) (Canada)

XxlilcrazyxX (USA)


Zujira (USA)

The PSN Juri Hall Of Fame: List of Retired Players Who’ll be missed:
MattRuss (New York, USA)
HK_Karakusa (USA)
Kailkun (USA)


not a bad turnout today, had 2 lobbies running, although i wish ppl would atleast join the chat when playing ssf4.


Yea the turn out was good, I always got so close though :stuck_out_tongue:


wish i was able to play with you guys, oh well, i’ll try again next week.


Nice to hear people are getting games in, I usually quit early since EU <-> US latency is really not that fun to play in. I’m always on there when I’m playing, but I’m EU so its usually quiet during my play times. I wish more EU players were hanging in the chat room :slight_smile:


things started to pick up around… I think 5 EST, but hey atleast u joined for a couple of matches, as well as the chat room deice. there are a couple of UK players on the grand juri friends list, maybe youll be able to run a lobby with them if they join the chat room.


my bad guys, LBP 2 is too damn addicting, ill probably shake it off by next week and actually play :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to play in these, I think I could learn a LOT about Juri and Street Fighter in general from everyone. :]
Do we/SRK have an IRC channel or anything I can join?


well, we have a chat room you could join for this, so youll be able to ask questions as you play with us.


As in the PS3 chatrooms? Oi, haah, those drive me nuts (don’t have a USB keyboard :/)


I spent the last month getting used to playing on an arcade stick. And just when i’m starting to feel really comfortable, BLINKING RED LED! I sent it in for repairs and should be back in another week or so. MVC3 won’t stop me from play SSF4


Thats all we got :P. anyways ill send a friend request from the GrandJuri account when I can, as well as the chat room, so if your on Sunday, just join the chat room, and youll be able to discuss/run matches with us. things usually pick up around 4-5 EST, but i’ll be on way b4 that (the earliest 2-3 EST) for the early birds.


Add “hotaru-kotaru” please, I’m mostly on this account now, I decided to start over and play only on stick with this account, otherwise I’m tempted to go back to pad to recover points… >.>;


Hey Shake3 I’m glad everything is going smoothly! People like you with a strong community spirit are what makes online gaming so enjoyable!

Thanks again for offering to take over the GrandJuri thing. They deserve to have this sort of thing and so do the other character forums.

I hope you inspire alot of people.

Flowers out.


Hey thanks again Mr.Flowers, and thanks for the kind words, anything for the community, im a huge fan of Miss Juri, which is what prompt me to ask about taking over.

I agree, other sub forums should be doing something like this to strengthen not only the knowledge of the character between the players, but the community for that character as well. I bet you’ve got this sort of thing running in your forums right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also your more than welcome in joining us for some matches when you can Mr.Flowers. Even if you dont play Juri anymore you may use any character, only rule being is that you must use Juri atleast ONCE in awhile.


Yeah, thanks for holding down the fort mikey! I got your message, I wasn’t on last week (because I was playing Magicka, that game’s hilarious), but I’ll be on this weekend to practice some more!


It’s all good deice, I was playing LBP last week so I wasnt on as well, but ill be on this week. if hotaru joins, you’ll be able to run good matches with him hopefully.


bump live in here!!!


ggs to omi and bloody.

Ppl got a legit excuse for not showing up this week, so I dont blame them. PACKERS ALL THE WAY!!!


Bwaah, I wanted to play this Sunday, but I was sick. Interested in seeing how far behind I’ve fallen :o