Jushi Has Returned!

Okay i took the advice I was given and started learning anatomy. and now that school has started i can scan my work in art class

this is one i scanned

and here is my attempt at coloring… its sad >>

more soon. Comments?

You get a big plus for drawing my fav character from VF, I would so bang vanessa if she was real lol.

You chose a difficult pose but I think its always better to do stuff the harder way it helps your learn more about the body shape etc.

I not sure what look you were going for but maybe you could do some more work on the hair?

good stuff man.

yeah the hair came out rather awkward… i’ll make a note of it for future work n.n

vanessa is my favorite VF character also but not for the same reasons o.O her vale tudo is pwns


KoF Vanessa!! yeah i know the head is awkward >.< this was draw for Spudley >> he thought the other was going to be KoF Vanessa and got all dissapointed so i drew this

this was done with ink and marker… fun fun

Comments and advice please?

VF Vanessa pic is kinda cool, I’d tone down the saturation on the bg since it distracts from your work. Anatomy-wise, did you use a reference? It’s passable I think, but Landel or Ron (Chainwhore) could give you more detailed pointers on that than I can. Definitely need more detail in her hair – it’s too stark compared to the rest of her.

KOF Vanessa pic is ok, perhaps remove the cross-hatching before you colour? Slight conflict, but otherwise a cool piece.

i got a bridgman anatomy book that i used for refference for the vf4 picture

and for the kof vanessa i thought it looked cool that way >>; though i need to fix her skin tone…

Ooh can I request Karin (SFA3) :D?!