Jushi's fanart!

My artwork!! critique? [and please dont say that they look sketchy. i know that cause thats how i made them and wanted them to look! >.<]

I would love people to color these. especialy my bridget. o.o

First one is Evil Ken from Mugen [possitioning practice]


Second is Ken preparing to do Shippu Jinrai Kyakku. not very good but its a decent sketch i think [prossitioning/motion practice]


Birdget! whoohoo! >>; i wanted to make sure i had a bridget drawing in here so i did this up this morning o.o


chun Li sketch and possitioning/motion practice


Gill with pants


more soon

i want to do some more artwork while i’m still at my mom’s job so i can scan em. any requests or ideas?

Ooh, I’d love a requset of Akari Ichijo, if you’ve ever heard of her :O!

hehe sure no problem. i’ve seen her but dont know much about her n.n i will do my best on it for ya

Thanks bud.


and here is akari!


wheee, after being damn near raped by Q at GDT last saturday i felt like drawing him


and these are a few sf girls i did, much less sketchy



chun li [alpha 3 style. thats my favorite chun li outfit]






Awwwww, that’s adorable as hell.

Thanks man ^_^!

your ability to draw far outweighs your ability to do photoshop work. keep doing this. stop doing that… or just… learn how to do it.

i want to learn how to do photoshop >> especialy for adding color to my art

hang out here and ask as many questions as you want. keep in mind that broad questions don’t typically get answered. in image mishmash, there’s a thread about questions you may have. also check out the tutorials on deviantart.com for coloring.

last pictures for today any request made today will have to be scanned and posted tomarrow n.n



Yun arcade stick concept


and of course, fei long!


aaand my made up spiderman villian terranchula, just because n.n


Man those are pretty darn nice. You should draw Zaki from Rival Schools, I barely see any fanart of her. I swear she’s the most obscure Capcom fighter haha

get me some refference and i will n.n a full body picture please

made my bridget into my avatar, added color to it and added background

Well I couldn’t really find any Capcom art… Here’s someone elses drawing of her though.

thanks n.n finished the picture now. looks pretty cool , had to alter it slightly with the wikipidia picture. i’ll have it up tomarrow

your perspective is pretty good, but may i reccommend looking into some anatomy a bit more? Hogarth has some nice books.

Oh if you get around to it, could you get up a pic of skullomania? :smiley:


my attempt at coloring