just 2 cents



I use charge partitioning when I’m back dashing alot to use LOV’s from a distance. This allows me to mesh Remy’s close and far LOV game very nicely. For example, I’ll pressure someone with LOV’s to get in and when I get close and attack I’ll end with something like tapping d/b+forward kick(holding d/b until the kick finishes) and then dash back. You’ll have a RRF or LOV charged immediately after you finish back-dashing which means you can start LOV pressure tactics from a little under full screens distance. This is good b/c it seems to me that Remy doesn’t get much of a chance to pressure with LOV’s from that distance (only full screen or close). At this point you can continue to do rapid fire LOV’s from that distance and/or dash in which will put you pretty close to your opponent. Roundhouse/EX cold blue kicks work pretty well from this distance too. You can also use other attacks to acheive the same thing like doing two ducking jabs (looking to land super art II) then tapping b+FP and dashing back with LOV charged. You get the point by now I’m sure but beware that a single ducking medium punch doesn’t have enough duration to give you a full charge immediately after dashing back. It’s perfect after trying a f+forward kick overhead b/c that move leaves Remy at frame disadvantage even when it hits which makes it hard for him to continue offense. Beware though as some characters can land certain supers on Remy after blocking or even getting hit by that overhead. Just my 2 cents though.