Just a few questions about the HRAP3SA

So it’s got Sanwa buttons right? that means it’s the best japanese stick out there? what kind of mod would make it more authentic Japanese cabinet style?

it weighs 18 lbs… I guess it’ll be pretty stable on a table or something right?

Is it compatible with PS2 out of the box? If not, what will I need to make it PS2 compatible?

from what i can tell its all sanwa and its button layout is japanese arcade six button and i think it plays ps2 games on ps3 w/ new firmware update but dont quote me on that

so it’s not PS2 compatible? I can’t stick it in my PS2?

I don’t want to have to shell out 500 bucks for a PS3 just yet…

These sticks are always stable.

It can only play PS2 games on the PS3. You won’t be able to use it on a ps2. PS3 only.

18 lbs!? No way… this stick is under or around 6 lbs…

lol at 18lbs


This faq is your friend.


theres a hrap thread for a reason