Just a game? [Repost]


He jumps-in. Will he cross-up? No, not this time: he has already done it before. I block, normally. It’s an automatic reflex, I don’t have to think about it.

What will he do then? A low hit, probably combined with a special move. No, he’s too good and it would be too easy for him. Besides, he made that movement in the last assault.

An overhead maybe, it’s powerful and people tend to block low after the jump-in.

Or will he try to throw me? Will I be able to project him at his landing? To tech his move to limit the damages?

I should attempt a reversal after his attack. My technique, my speed, my training. I need to trust them. What if I fail?

The fraction of a second is expiring: I have to decide. And I have to do it quickly. Now.

I make my choice.
For a moment I see through the future. Much better, I can read his mind. I know you, I am aware of your next move. You are mine.

He will attack me with an overhead. I’m sure. Absolutely certain. I opt for a standing block.

No! What an amazing mistake! He chooses a low kick. What a simple, basic, insulting move: I would expect much more from him. Does he just repeat his last sequence? He has taken his chances and he has succeeded. Or maybe he knew I would have chosen the standing block and he has overcome my reasoning.

I’ll never know. I’m thinking over it when my character falls. When I fall.

I’m on the ground now but I have to stay calm and focused, I’ll not underestimate him the next time.

Another fraction of a second to decide. Should I try a reversal? Or will he foresee my move again?

When he jumps-in my hands are moving. The joystick, the buttons, the screen, the people, the talking, the noises, the music, that smell, mix of sweat and smoke, that every arcade has.

Everything disappears. Just a couple of people. Not two bodies, two minds.

Players? Much more than that. Challengers is the right term. Rivals comparing different thoughts. Only one point of view will result successful.

My reversal hits his jump-in. He is down.

It’s my turn now.

I can’t help thinking about a thing I’ve heard and I feel a silent laugh is arising.

People say chess is the most violent sport ever?

They have never tried this game.