Just a little help with some effects... dood

I just want to ask if anyone knows how make a good crackin or shattering effect. I started on a siggy:


And wanted to add cracks around my hand to make it look like I was punching through the screen. I don’t have a mouse, I do all my photoshoping with the pad thingy on my laptop. So I tried drawing cracks but they ended up looking retarded and childish. So yeah, anyone have any ideas or tips on how to make a cool shattering/cracking effect. Yeah I know, I’m still a noob at this stuff… dood?

Nice sig dood.
Hmm…try some crack brushes.


Thanks KidZero! I tried the site out but it won’t let me download the brushes? Is it just me or are the links for the brushes broken… dood?

Links seem to work fine here. Be sure to click the Download to desktop button.

Hey Ya dood your using photoshop right? If your looking for a certain effect you can allways download different gradients to get a specific desired effect. Just use google man you can find a lot of gradient filters just a suggestion though.