Just a page out my childhood POG collection

i wish i had those pogs

i always had shitty generic pogs i would win and random mcdonalds power ranger pogs

your pogs are gdlk. I don’t even remember what pogs I had :[

I actually have a few of those power rangers pogs too hahaha. I lived in Hawaii in the early 90s, and pogs was my childhood currency.

Speaking of Hawaii, did anyone else see the pogs cartoon?


Wait, I’m a bit confused. I grew up in Hawaii my whole life and I always thought everyone had POGS, was that just us? Did it take off everywhere else? And what’s with this Hawaii Slammers cartoon? I’m wiki-ing this all right now.

I’ve honestly never seen this cartoon. I know that pogs started in the early 1900s but got repopular in Hawaii again in the early 90s, I honestly don’t know how it got to the main land.

I also know that when I was in elementary school, we only used regular pogs, not slammers to hit the stack. I think that’s only a Hawaii thing also, I’m not too sure.

We’re I lived, POGs came and gone.
They seemed like a hot pic for like 2 months, and then after that, people just suddenly stop playing them.

Was totally unaware of the cartoon show! :o

Slammers were annoying. Yeah, in Hawaii they were outlawed because you could take the whole stack. Banned. Banned. Banned. Kinda offensive that the Slammers cartoon gave Hawaii credit for using slammers, but I guess that’s probably the least offensive thing about it.