Just a REALLY quick sketch of Ryu

just a real quick sketch of ryu.


comments are welcome.



very nice…i like the way you draw his face structure, eyes and nose on that front view pic…very style you got there…

damn that’s a pretty dope style. It would look good as an anime.

Looks OK, Neat stuff…

look nice.
post more stuff :slight_smile:

thanks guys! i’m kinda doing designs for a fan manga of mine. capcom vs snk. hehe, i don’t know when i’m ever gonna get around to doing it…but as of now, i’m just doing designs.



Andy Bogard.


i have to say it again, i really like the way you draw faces…i think you draw execllent on the face…now you need to work on the body…and then complex poses and moves…keep posting your works
oh and i love that manga jump pic on you deviant page…awsome…

thanks again for the kind words. =)

about the bodies, the reason why they look SO incomplete is cuz i’m not too good with designing. until i come down with a more complete design, i can draw the whole body.

thanks again though! =)

here’s something new i did. i know it’s not SF related…

The face is EXTREMELY well done.

thanks! :pleased: