Just a suggestion

A friend and I where talking about what to give for prizes in a tournament above and beyond just cash. We got to talking about trophies, boxing belts and EVO.

First off I have never been to EVO, they could already be doing this or be giving something better. (Plan to change that this year.)

Away the idea is for the winner of each game to receive a head band.
Boxing has belts, Poker has bracelets and Fighting games get head bands.

I think it would help make fighting games more like a sport and identify the great players to everyone, hardcore and casual alike.

Just an idea.

Fighting games are totally a sport, I work up quite a sweat when I play them.

EVO had a championship belt(2k3 or 2k4???). Jason Cole has the only one in existence iirc.

i think it was 2002 where nuki won cvs2.

I think it’s pretty cool how SBO gives out a certificate - it’s like an official document that says you’re the champ:


Jcole’s belt is pretty fucking beastly.

Everyone who wins an official event at Evo should get the appropriate amount of prize money, their name listed at the top of the results, and the respect of their peers. That, or a pair of golden socks that say “EVO, BITCH!!!” around the ankles.

Yep yep.

The man the myth the Cole.

I never saw a motherfucker sweat whilst taking part in olympic shooting either.


A chain with the game reference and the place would be cool.

For SFIV, for example, you can have a [fairly large] chain with a model of Crimson Viper in the ultra start stance with EVO 09, SFIV, and the place engraved on it. Capcom should try to promote the game by providing the awards.

I’m not really a fan of trophies, they take up too much space after you get a lot of them and you just leave them at home. If you win SFIV and TvC for example then you can wear both chains at the same time while you go to the arcade for example so everybody knows who you are.

Actually, the headbands idea is pretty cool and if you didn’t know, GameStop’s SFIV tournament will feature a Headband prize awarded to the winner of each Round in its National GameStop SFIV Tourney. Each round you win and advance to you receive a different color headband! It is a way of being recognized as: I’ve won 3 tournaments and made it to the 4th Round or something.

Here: Copy&Paste from GameStop’s website

What is the prizing for each tournament round?
Round One Tournament Winners ? Street Fighter 4 yellow headband and black wristband
Round Two Tournament Winners ? Xbox 360 Street Fighter 4 fight pad and green head bands
Round Three Tournament Winners ? Xbox 360 Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Fight Stick, brown head band, automatic bid in the EVO competitions quarter finals and qualify for trip to Finals in San Francisco, CA*
Finals ? 1st place ? Street Fighter 4 Arcade and black head band

  • Sixteen (16) regional winners will qualify to attend the finals in San Francisco, CA.