Just a ?uestion about Makoto's Super Arts 3

Yeah, I just wanted to know if there is a difference when you do the Super Arts 3 with all 3 punches. I notice that she screams something different when you do it with 3 buttons, but that’s it. Maybe there’s some extra effect like when Oro or Dudley do super arts with 3 buttons?

She screams something different? :rofl:

If I wasn’t busy right now, I’d test it out, I never knew that… Hm. MAYBE IT’S SUPER AWESOME AND YOU CAN BLOCK IF YOU DO THAT! OMG new tier, SA3 Makoto! (Seriously, that would be beast if you could block… If only.)

I posted this question somewhere a REAL long time ago. She says something like “Minagi chou!” which is in the dialog translation on gamefaqs.com as well as the sound test part of the SF3 OST. No one even replied as though I was making it up or something. But I can’t tell any difference between the two versions at all, so I think it’s just a little easter egg.

It seems the only difference is that she says new phrases. Would be neat if the 2P version actually gave more dmg for a shorter time, but I fear that’s not the case. You actually get different phrases depending on which single punch button you use, also.
Though I always end up with the 2P version anyway, since if you drum the buttons to guarantee a super, that’s what you get.

Mike Z

Thanks for the info Mike Z… dood.