Just About The St:hdr Music!

Sirlin said to make a thread on Alphaism like…22 seconds ago. Music in ST:HD Remix.

PC version?

What would you like?




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CPS1 and remixes work for me. Fuck that CPS2 shit.

IMO, if they can spare the time and money, they should do something.

If they can’t…then oh well.

I believe Sirlin said that they simply don’t have the space for more than one set of music, so no multiple versions. Given that, I think sticking with the CPS2 music would be most appropriate. Some people like the PC music, but, as I’ve said before, I think it sounds cheesy, and most casual fans, having never played the PC version and hence never having heard the music, are going to assume it was an honest, made-for-STHD attempt at updating the music, in which case it’s going to seem laughable. At least by sticking with the CPS2 themes, people will understand that they’ve just decided to stick with what was in the original game. And personally I think the CPS2 versions are better than the PC ones anyway.

CPS2 or CPS1 imo

Cps1 > Cps2.

CPS2 is fine. Maybe with an option for CPS1 if it’s possible. No remixed stuff or new sounds.

Sirlin said it wouldn’t be possible to use the CPS1 music, I think. Though if it’s possible for them to use the PC version music, I don’t see why they can’t rip the CPS1 music to WAV or whatever and put it in there. Personally I never really understood why people prefer the CPS1 versions, maybe I’m too new-school. :confused:



CPS1 is just so classic, I wouldn’t even mind having to pay for a patch for it.

this heathen wants cps2…

CPS1 has fat bass and the classic feel. Please not the arranged mode from AE, that shit sucks donkey balls.

Actual instrumental music would be awesome. I can’t even imagine what Bison’s stage would sound like performed by an orchestra.

CPS-1, CPS-2, and a new version. Kind of like in anniversary edition, except the remix should not be as gay as possible.

I didn’t see this earlier. Well, fuck.

In that case, I think a remix would be appropriate–but a good remix. Like arranging the music for a jazz fusion band or something. I will reiterate that the remix in AE was gay, and I hope they stay away from that synthesizer shit from now on.

Remix it.

Use actual instruments as opposed to the bleeps and bloops of 1994.

Both, with remixes, and new tracks.
Any music and all if possible.

Keep in mind. Every dime that they spend on music is another dime that doesn’t go to rebalancing, graphics, voice acting, and all the other bells-and-whistles.

Rebalancing? I thought this was supposed to be a strictly cosmetic upgrade. How much rebalancing does it really need?

Check out the stickied thread.

And I’m just saying, they don’t wanna clear their budget by paying the London Symphony Orchestra to do all the music.

I vote to go with the PC version of the music trax.

This is the HD Remix and I think that the PC versions are way cooler than any of the other versions.

Can someone post a link with the PC trax?