Just and idea up for review. Opinions?

Hey whats up everybody. I dont post much but I had an idea and was wondering whether its actually worth doing. My idea was basically to do a video on what I guess you would call finger positioning, and easier ways to do stuff with default controls on a standard 360 controller. It would be somewhat similar to what Kail put up in the video thread about 2 weeks ago…but 360 controller edition. I would mainly show how to do certain combos like for instance (and forgive me if my abbreviations are wrong)
j.hk>c.mp>mid fuhajin>c.mp>low fuhajin>c.mk>EX senpusha
Now a combo like that would allow me to display the most effective way to hold both the A and B buttons (mid and low fuhajin) without letting go of both at the same time while also using your index finger to press Y or X (LP and MP). Whether or not I go though with this depends on how many people say they use Juri without a fightstick just like me, and how many people think this should be done at all. ALSO!!! if this has already been done let me know!!! Because if it has I havent been able to find it.
If you think this is stupid please keep douchebaggery to a minimum.
So whatcha waitin for!? Throw up some damn replys!

I support all pad related vids.

I support this project!

I am intrigued. Bring it on.

Maybe I’ll take up pad for a bit and do this.

lol don’t steal his idea kail D:

no.fucking.idea how pad juri players do it, honestly. would be interested to see

there was a pad player juri who plays with juri. Kail knows who im’ talking about. plays makoto as well. he’s a very good example of a pad player juri who plays with a disability. I gotta interview him one day for the juri boards.

Ok the good feedback is nice but i just realized i had a complete mental fail. By this I mean i just remembered i need a capture card to do this which i dont have >X( Although i am going to try to get my hands on one. Worst case scenario I pass on all my super secret techniques (Lol?) to somebody else and let them handle the video making :confused: Im a ways off from that because I would very much love to do it myself. One last thing, does everybody call the regular controller “pad”? havent heard the term till just now

they’re pads, yeah. I used to play on dualshock 3 pad (PS3 default). I think I used my thumb on face buttons mostly, my thumb is big enough to press two buttons at once, and even can let go off of MK fuhajin while still holding LK fuhajin.

goodluck with this project, i’d be curious in seeing how you play with pad :slight_smile:

ae pc is on special atm. add fraps, virtual dub and an editing program and you end up with a cheaper total price and better quality videos. i do instructionals, set ups and tech videos that way. 2012 isn’t out on pc yet, but you wouldn’t need it.

In response to that first sentence, do you mean getting arcade edition on the pc? Because if so there is no way in hell that would work. My computer is so bad it crashes after 3 minutes of runescape (My mom sucks at buying computers). My current improvised idea is filming the action on my TV first and commenting on stuff and trying to match it up with what i do on the pad which would be filmed separately. So basically in a nutshell Film session1 + Film session2 + Dubover with commentary = Desired result. I really hope I can get a fucking capture card -_- would make this a breeze

Pity, we need more juri on PC :frowning:

No ones gonna do this shit >.>… I was gonna do it because this will fall flat.

I actually plan to but I realized I didn’t have 100% of the means to do it the easiest way. If I cant make the capture card plus video camera format happen in 2 weeks ill try out my improvised plan. If that plan fails really damn hard I’ll assist anyone willing to take it up, but just don’t forget to credit me on it :smiley:

I’ll wait patiently then. -.-

Come on dont get pissed. You’ve made plenty of vids for the juri community. Ive never put up anything on youtube period. So this video will be my first gift to the interwebs :slight_smile: On a different note if anyone has anything they would be interested to see how it is done on pad make your requests now. I’ll throw it in if I can pull it off which i probably can. Try to keep explanations somewhat simple. I’ve only been on SRK like 2 months so some street fighter lingo is foreign to me

I’m not upset. Im all for this. I just am skeptical.

Tell eish I’m still waiting for his video.

^ ditto