Just because i did eventaully want to finish this

i started this about 2 years ago, and it left dormant in my files for a while now… almost a year and a half…

anybody want to contribute / change shit… just do so.

it’s a magneto strategy guide

very nice… i see you did it in gamefaqs font…lol…thats right i was a gamefaqs scrub too lol.

no, it’s a text document. standard text documents are in fixedsys. i was planning on turning it into HTML

yeah i know, i just meant gamefaqs style cause thats how all the faqs on the site look.

oh oh gotcha

any advice on it though?

well you could add even more to it, but like i say, better to show the stuff then talk about it.

in other words…video on magneto.

i might get a few people invovled in making a video showing all the segments of the video… but i’m unsure… even if i want to actually finish it at this point

if you don’t want to then don’t bother, really there’s enough mag footage out there for people if they wanted to learn mag, so it’s like why bother spoon feeding it to them rather than letting them work for the knowledge.

with the 5 fierce combo part, you can add a side note that another option people have is to just do 4 fierces so the opponent will be instantly up and standing again for further resets.
i think if you post this guide to gamefaqs it will be a nice addition to the magneto guides because most of them do not detail the high end practical moves you listed/divided into tiers and steps that beginners can follow.

edit: hmm zoning strategies? lol theres really too much stuff to put for magneto i guess.

what difference does holding up do for the hk throw?

he throws them higher, and you have more time to juggle

you could add a small section on trijumps and what alternate rom/combo setups you need to use after >1 hit trijumps

  • c.LK-c.HP /\ sj.LK-LK xx addf, d+LK-LK -> rom (vs bigs, can be used on against almost any character with good timing.
  • c.LK-s.LP /\ sj.LK/LP xx addf, d+LK-LK -> rom

also, types of trijumps:

  • sj/j, add/addf, HP (whiff)
  • j, add, d+LK (fastest trijump)
  • sj/j, addf, d+LK-LK
  • sj/j, addf/add, HK
  • zoning jump: sj (delay), addf, HP-HK
  • square jump: sj, addf, HP-HK

Nothing constructive to add, just wanted to say good shit:tup:

Looks ago to me!!!

This is great for new Mag players, if nothing else just to have it all in one txt faq. More people should do this for the other chars as well. Good shit.

Where’s the Spiderman FAQ? :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll work on one of those… i did some revising just now… i’ll upload it when i’m done.

Here’s the revision as of 8.9.06
I included those who contributed.

nice. good sh*t… thumbs up