Just bought a Hori Fight Stick for PS3/PC... now what


I recently bought a Hori fight stick 3(ps3), but Im a n00b at sticks(my first one… for 30 bucks)

I don’t like the buttons(you need to push hard) and the joystick makes an annoying sound. Which parts are reccomended to replace the buttons/stick

Also, is there any faceplates/art, is there anywhere I can find it

thanks a lot, I’ve been a KB player until now






If you are comfortable with modding the thing and know how to solder and whatnot, I’d say go for modding it to all sanwa/seimitsu. If you have no idea about that stuff, I’d play with it till youre comfortable, sell it, and go get you a HRAP or TE.


You will probably need a dremel, soldering iron set, and a wire cutting/crimping set.

Probably in the end is going to cost you more once you are done modding then if you bought an SE,TE, HRAP3 in the first place.

This is why we say so adamantly to not buy cheap sticks. They are more expensive in the long run.


You shouldn’t have bought fs3 in the first place, the cost and time to mod a fs3 is more than say a te or hrap3. Especially for players who aren’t very familiar with sticks, it would be much better to mod a stick with quickdisconnects than sticks that require soldering (which is your case). Anyhow, follow this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=136372 if you decide to mod it.