Just bought a HRAP3, problem with ball top

This is probably going to sound completely retarded but HOW do you remove the ball top?? I know it screws on and off, but I can’t grip the stick in the middle to stop the metal shaft from spinning because it’s covered by a plastic cover.

Any tricks for this?

Also forgot to add, in order to modify the buttons or remove them, I noticed after taking of the bottom plat that the electronics are covered by plastic , so Im guessing I have to unscrew the top plate in order to access the buttons?


you have to open the stick from the bottom side and use the screwdriver with the screw in the shaft to stop it spinning

Ah thanks input, also thanks for the link. I would have tried to search first but there doesn’t seem to be a search button anywhere or im blind and it’s a REALLY tiny search button lol

search were disabled a few days ago because of the traffic … it was impossible to load the site back than … because more than 4k users online at the same time :rofl: