Just bought a MadCatz TE (is the stick supposed to feel really loose?)

Hey guys just got a brand new MadCatz SF4 Round 2 stick and just wanted to know is the sanwa stick supposed to feel really loose? is that how they are built?

Just wanted to know because if it’s not supposed to feel loose and meant to feel tight then i will swap it for another one.

Yes, the JLF is a loosey-goosey. I’m guessing you’re transferring from the tighter, American-style Happ sticks?

One thing people have done a lot is add an LS-33 spring or LS-55 spring to make it tighter. It’s a pretty cheap way to add some tightness.

Some people have said the best way to emulate the American feel is with an LS-33 spring added to the JLF spring, a Toodles GT-C circular insert restrictor, and an LB-30N Sanwa Bat Top (with Bat Top adaptor). Now, whether it really works, I don’t know. I prefer stock Seimitsu sticks on Square gates with Balltop, so I’m fairly opposite.


Thanks for the reply guys much appreciated.

Yes, JLF feels lose, like Nerrage says put an LS33 spring on it(a mayflash button spring serves too)!

i concur with the above posts. I have a ps3 TE-S. i switched to an LS-32 and did the home depot spring mod. added a bat top for leverage and now no more looseness. also changed out the pushbuttons for seimitsu since i didn’t like the looseness in the buttons.

I wouldn’t change the spring, I’d personally learn to be a little lighter on the stick. It will take a while, but it’s worth it in my opinion.