Just bought ssf4 - challenges missing?


Just bought ssf4 for PS3, and I dont have the first SF4. Under challenges, isn’t there suppose to be survival and time attack? All that’s there is “Trials” where I practice character combos. I played arcade mode a few times and I unlocked the bonus stages. How do I get survival and time attack?!


Not in the game, they sucked.

Exactly. Hated those modes with extreme prejudice.

time attack and survival are not in ssf4

for good reason, theyre garbage.

Okay. He gets that they’re not in.
And that they’re garbage.

But uhm… nobody explains why.

They’re not in because the Devs thought that it wasn’t worth it to put it in, and that people would not really enjoy it. Which is the case. But I do think it would be pretty awesome to allow you to switch up the normal versus mode with some of the rules that were implemented in survival/time attack, just for fun

They’re a waste of time because fighting the computer is a waste of time.

Let’s be honest, the two Challenge modes that ARE in the game are far worse than Time Attack and Survival, they should’ve just eliminated all of them and changed the Challenge section to the Trials section.

To sum it up, they were garbage and sucked lol.

The reason why they threw in the car and barrel stages was because it was a throwback to the ol’ SF2 days.

There’s no reason they couldn’t have included the old challenges as well.
Just because some of you thought it was bad doesn’t mean the rest of us did.
They should have included them, if nothing else, to say they’ve added more modes to compliment the old ones.

time attack and survival were a waste of space even if you have space to waste

Sorry guy. In this sort of situation, majority rules. Doesn’t matter if a minority liked them.

If most of the people say they sucked and were a waste of space, then guess what…they sucked and they were a waste of space. Glad Capcom listened to its fans and took them out. Those modes were terrible.

I’d take bustin’ up cars and barrels any day over the previous modes :3

Aaaaaannnnnddddd… we can’t have both because?
What? Because the majority in THIS thread say not?
I don’t really care. But you guys have yet to explain why you think they suck outside of “they just suck.”

If you’re going to say something so “set in stone” at least explain your reasoning.

Lol @ Majority rules. I see why these games gotten easier and easier… Either way, I didn’t like TA or Survival. Waste of time, but nice for those achievement/trophy whores.

Beating those modes was just a matter of finding a weakness in the AI and exploiting it over and over.

Zangief can spam Lariat. AI occasionally gets out of it but still loses by a landslide.
Most characters can just do throw, FA3 on oki, repeat.

A lot of the time all you had to do was jRoundhouse, cRoundhouse. More casual players might fool themselves into thinking that what they were doing to the AI would work against real players (as indicated by the number of players who went online and did just that). I wouldn’t be surprised if flowchart Ken turned out to be an amazing way to get through TA/Survival.

The only worthwhile thing to come from TA/Survival mode was that one level where you were invisible, that was worth a few laughs.

It’s pretty sad if you think that just the people in this thread are the only ones who were dissatisfied with these modes. As for why they suck, I pretty much figured saying something, “sucks” was self-explanatory. It’s like watching a movie and saying, “That movie sucked”.

What else could it mean? It was bad, terrible, etc.

Why was it bad? Because it just was. There doesn’t have to be this big grand “set in stone” explanation behind it.

It was just one of those things you tried and thought, “Yeah, fuck this” and that was the end of it. There doesn’t always have to be some huge explanation as to why something sucks, man, lol. Sometimes it’s just that bad.


Had you read my post, I said, “in this sort of situation”. You’re probably the real reason why the games have gotten easier. Pfft.

Using your own example, most people have a reason for saying a movie or show sucks.
For instance, I don’t like any movie - now or ever - that has Whoopi Goldberg in it. Even as a supporting role or cameo.
Yes, that means I didn’t like Little Nicky.

Why? Because Whoopi Goldberg is in it and she gives me nightmares.

All you’ve done thus far is make a baseless argument you can’t back up.
Again, I could care less for the modes. But it would have been a nice change of pace from the 22 Kens I just fought in a row in ranked matches.
But if you’re going to say something sucks, at least give the reader some idea of why so at least they can understand your input.