Just bought the madcatz te2 (noob question)


I’m new to the competitive scene, I’ve always liked fighting games but I never knew it had such a big community. So now I’m in here trying to learn stuff, and like a schmuck I bough an arcade stick, because that’s what the pros use. As much as I enjoy using my fightstick pro sfxt te, day two and I’m hating this new arcade stick. Is it me? Did I get too comfortable with the dpad? I’m having a hard time inputting combos. Is this something I’m gonna have to get used to? Or should I just return it while I still can.


Arcade stick is something that needs time to get used to. If you have the patience to practice for at least two weeks in a row, things will get easier over time. In about a month, you should be able to play naturally with it.



I bought the TE2 stick a couple of months back, It was rough in the begining(I took alot of loses), I was strictly a pad player before. But after putting the work in I am better on the stick then I am with the pad. With the stick I have better control over my inputs.


Use whatever makes you feel the MOST comfortable. Pad or stick… it doesn’t matter.