Just bought this fight stick.



Obviously I’m on a budget.

That being said, is there anyone here that has this stick? How well does it work? Is it lastable? Is it a 4 way stick or an 8 way?

Please do tell.

(Had this thread in General first but…I guess “general” doesn’t include fight sticks. :/)


I would skip that stick as the quality is sub-par at best

If you want a good Stick go for ether the Hori VX/ V3 Arcade Stick or Mad Catz SE/Brawl stick
Keep in mind you get what you paid for.

If you want to be frugal check out used sticks in the Trading Post, Amazon or eBay.


Have you actually owned and used the stick?


Congratulations on your new stick you already purchased. If you decide to buy a new one in the future and want input from the geeks on what would suit you best, definitely let us know BEFORE you buy it. Since you already bought this one, there’s nothing we can say or do to change the fact you own this one, so enjoy it.


I an the guy who have the following thread Sticked
What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the guide on Pg 1 before posting

No I don’t own the stick, yes I have used it long enough to smash one to bits with a 5 pound sledge hammer out of frustration.
I modded some sub-par sticks in my day and I can tell you there to redeeming factors in the mayflash stick.

Pro-tip: If I did not review the stick its ether, too old to worth mentioning, to new to get reliable info or the stick is complete trash.
Also follow the $50 rule, if the stick is valued less than $50 avoid it like the plague. In the case of quality you get what you paid for.


I’ve used one, and it’s pretty horrific.

Smaller than a SE case if I remember right. WAY too cramped for most people.


It was 25 bucks. Not very much for a stick at all obviously, but it can’t be much worse than using a regular controller. I looked up some reviews and Youtube videos on it before I bought it, I even have a friend who uses it and so far I’ve received generally positive feedback on it.

I was just hoping to get some feedback from some of the guys on here who have used it as well as I wait for it to come in the mail. I didn’t ask you to dictate my decision on buying it, I just wanted to know what experiences others may have had with it.


It’s an 8 way as many square gates are and the quality is very shotty. Honestly I rather buy it for the pcb than play on it.

Playing on it is eh, wont last as long. You’ll eventually spend as much as a used TE all together.
It’s a good stick to learn the basics of modding. From the wiring microswitches, desoldering, to dremeling the case. Honestly people are in the right to dictate your decision because there are threads for you to save money. You jumped the gun without research and the money you thought you saved will go into a newer stick/modding.
Roughly the price to mod the stick varies, but opting for upgrading the stick will be equivalent to a newish stick.
[]Tools: Wire, QD, Dremel - optional, file, soldering tools - 20-40$
]Parts: Buttons, Joystick or Microswitch replacements, PCB? - 25-80$
So in total you are looking at 45-120 dollar investment on that stick you spent 25 for a total of 65 - 145.
Hell even getting a cheap TVC stick for 35 plus a 10$ adapter is a better investment.
Quality always trumps when making a purchases like these.


This being my first stick purchase, I had no idea about modding or any of this shit. I can agree that it would probably have been a wise descicion to check up on here first, but…it’s too late now. :confused:

Once I get my next paycheck I’ll have to check up on here and invest in a better piece of equipment. I just figured anything (for now) would be better than using a controller.


I honestly think using a stock controller (as bad as the Xbox one is) is better than really low grade sticks. Since a crap quality stick frequently has problems with diagonals on the stick, or buttons dying out within a month or so. I’ve played on those at a friends as a secondary set-up stick, and even then they didn’t make it more than a couple months with light to (at most) moderate use before having problems.

People aren’t ragging on you, but you really should read the stickies in the future. There are crazy informative threads that could have saved you time, and frustration. Dremeling out holes is fun when you’re modding sticks constantly; it involves small power tools! But as your first stick? It’s a lot to bite off, and you’re going to end up spending more on this than just buying a good stick out of the gate.

If you did buy it on amazon, consider shipping back and getting something more mod friendly (Brawl sticks are 20 bucks at gamestop and are as ass simple as it gets to mod)

For more info, just read all of the stickies.


Modding a low quality stick is often times more expensive than buying one that’s better quality out the gate.


And the end result may turn out sketchy. I’ve seen some iffy looking Mayflash mods.

Like was stated above, send it back if you can and save for something nicer. We aren’t trying to just give you hell. Honest. At least you didn’t get this.



It sucks. The joystick feels too tall and loose to me. The eight pushbutton are absolute crap, using this black mushy technology used in most gamepads, which requires more force to activate and is mushy so you dont really know when you’ve pushed it. The eight button layout is crap, the plungers for the buttons have too much leeway and can wobble side to side inside the housing. The four control buttons are tiny, but at least they’re recessed. The electronics in the stick is pretty much a crap shoot. Case itself it okay, just a basic plastic case, no solid framework like most madcatz sticks. Trying to change the parts to better quality stick and buttons is an absolute nightmare, requiring power tools.

The only time I’d recommend someone picking one up would be if they coudl get it for about $20, and only then if they wanted to take out the PCB (PS3+PS2 version) to use in a different case. Anything more is a waste, and trying to play and practice on it should be considered a hate crime. If you paid $25 for it, I hope you kept the receipt or can get a refund with the quickness.


Someone “donated” that to me, I still have no idea how to actually mod it.


It’s pretty horrific stock, and it’s “meh” modded because of build quality issues, but the case is about the same size as a SE case except it doesn’t have the sloped top for your wrists to rest on. Playing on a TE or HRAP for so long definitely makes me think the SE, Namco, and Mayflash sticks are too small though, so maybe your memory is similar. Laugh.

The case’s depth is very good, and honestly if it had a metal top panel for noise control, it’d be a very good stick once one trashes all the stock parts (although the joystick’s microswitches are the same as the Namco Stick’s for those who like that sort of thing).

Unfortunately it is marred by worthless stock parts, is relatively “difficult” to modify for today’s standards, amplifies the clacks of your buttons and stick to an obnoxious degree, and most sellers still have it marked up too high for it to have a niche as “the” low-budget mod stick.

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Hey, that was my first stick too, the joystick isn´t bad(omron microswitchs) but the buttons are a piece of crap, overall isn´t a bad stick to start!enjoy it for a month or two and then buy one from trading outlet(you found nice prices there)!


They are crap Omron microswitches, nowhere close to the quality model found in Sanwa joysticks.

Can’t tell if Onslaught X is an employee of Mayflash or just an impulsive buyer.


Not that that statement even makes any sense…

Technically it was free hence the money came from some traded in games. I figured, why not? Obviously I knew some corners would be cut hence the really low price, but I don’t have enough money to get a super nice stick yet. The next purchase I make I’ll be sure to post about it here first, though.


With fire and a sledgehammer.


Horrid stick, trying to push the button on that thing gave me nightmares.

Picked one up years ago when I was on a super tight budget. Regretted it.