Just can't connect Guile's links



So I am trying to get the cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.mp xx fk and also the udk, cr,mp xx fk/sb.

If I go into training room, I can get it like 2 out of 10 times. I am clearly not doing it right.

I saw the video nemesys posted on how to do it, but I was hoping that someone could make a video doing these combos showing their fingers hitting the buttons.

Was watching Xian play Guile in some ranked matches and he could do these combos every single time and never missed one.

It’s just muscle memory right? I mean you are not actually watching the animations and timing your buttons presses accordingly right?


I main Guile (although I haven’t been playing terribly long) and it helps me to watch when his arm is retracting from the lp. Now that the link is 2 frames, I hit it about 90% of the time in practice mode and 30-50% of the time in matches. This is after about 2 months of 2-3x per week of practice (I only did bnbs prior to focusing on this link combo). I expect to be able to hit it 90%+ in matches if I keep up with it…it will eventually be muscle memory.


nice man…I guess I just need to practice it some more…thanks


2lp 2lp 2mp is easy but try to keep the jabs in pace with the 2mp. Since jabs can chain, it’s easy to press them very quickly and then you need to have good timing for the 2lp 2mp link but if you keep your jabs at linking timing then you might find the rhythm leading up to 2mp a little easier if that makes any sense.

UDK > 2mp xx FK is ridiculously difficult even for alot of veteran players imo… the charge time is the strictest of the strict. Just stick with UDK > 2lp > 2mp xx FK first.


Yes, I get that. Makes sense. Gonna work on it. Makes me sick when I see people using it in matches.

Thanks for the help.


Aghama is right. Upside Down Kick > Cr.mp xx Flashkick is ridiculously difficult and only comes natural after tons of practice and understanding. Go simple first. The advanced stuff stay away from for the time being.


The best advice I can give you is go to training mode then practice, practice & practice some more. Do it till it feels natural, and do it when you’re under pressure. Make it muscle memory. I for one am beyond happy with Guile getting +1 more on his Cr.Lp. In AE I could get Cr.Lp > Cr.Lp > Cr.Mp > Flash kick 7-10 times, which was a 1 frame link. With the added frame, things will be perfect. This Helps guile be more comfortably aggressive. This will be my first time maining with guile. Can’t wait to get this game in a week