Just checking (Necro combos)

Me & a friend are making a combo vid, so i just wanna make sure that I got these right:
1- Vs. Q:
Corner: B+HK–>DB+HP, B+MP (2 times)–>F, D, DF+MPxxSA I

2- Vs. Hugo:
vs. others I should use HCF+MP right?

3- Vs. everyone:
(Near) Conrer: HCF+HP–>B+MK–>HCF+MPxxSA III–>F, D, DF+LP–>DB+HP–>Standing LP
With which characters can I finish with Standing MP instead?
Also regarding this combo, say I stun someone by the time SA III hits, while they’re juggled what follow-up options do I have?

4- Vs. Alex, Hugo, Urien & Q:
Corner: B+HK–>DB+HP (5 or so times)–>SA I (is F, D, DF+PxxSA I good?)