Just curious: Are people on this site scared to post about MK?

Title says it all. I know this site is focused on games with Shoryukens in them, hence the name (obvious joke…). But, why is MK pushed to the side or not worried about here? Is that because the general focus of the site is MvC or SF? And that’s okay. Don’t get me wrong. MK already has enough dedicated sites, I’m just wondering what the hold up here is? MK is a really good, fun game and I will encourage and persuade anyone I can to play it. If anyone here cares, I’ll be adding some info into the Jade and Skarlet forums. Maybe even Kabal. I just feel that if someone that is interested in MK and is led here, there is a lack of information here for the game. Am I complaining? Not at all. This site is focused on what it is supposed to be focused on, of course, but if you want to branch out just a tiny bit to games like MK, you can’t let threads sit there for 2 years begging for a reply… That is neglect, lol. But anyway, yeah. The real question lies within the title. Feel free to answer, or not. Feel free to give your input, or not.

And a few people here seem to think MK is dead, well, let’s just say UMK3 is still kicking. That alone should say something. :slight_smile:

“MK isn’t too relevent right now. And Injustice isn’t associated with MK (game wise) so that doesn’t count. So as far as relevance goes… MK is dead. But the series as a WHOLE is FAR from dead. It’s barely been rebooted in 2011 and has many more games to go. But 2 years of no MK puts the brand in an outdatted position (relevence speaking) when most MK fans out there are playing Injustice: Gods Among Us right now. So it might take MK10 to bring that topic back up. Hope I’ve answered your question to your satisfaction” -@JusticeKombat


Well, either way, even if it was considered “relevant” here upon it’s release, you will see there are only two or three threads in each character forum. That is a very small amount. Very small.

I mean you said it yourself. “MK already has enough dedicated sites”. In that case… Why not go to those sites for ALL things MK. It’s ALWAYS relevant there. Why the need to read about MK on every game related forum site?

I didn’t say it was needed. I just think it would be nice. Don’t you?

I understand that you believed it wasn’t needed. I do agree that it would be nice. But I’m speaking for myself when I say that it isn’t necessary.

I know it isn’t necessary. That is why I said if they feel the need to branch out just even a little bit for other players here that might want to get involved with the game, it would be nice to have.

Once again… "I understand that you believed it wasn’t needed).

Well, and for whatever reason, I don’t see much activity amongst the MK community much these days. I know it’s there, i’m carrying my weight and trying to contribute as much as I can, but a lively and active MK site/forum would be refreshing.

Honestly, I have to ape what JusticeKombat said in the sense that release times for games like MK(considering it’s so different in playstyle, sensibilities, and whacky storyline) will have a lot to do with what makes it to the front page of SRK.I seriously doubt Injustice will be so hot in about 2 years, then Netherrealm can really focus on MK10 or MK vs Capcom… whichever comes first.

But as i was saying before, where can i get in on a bit more lively MK scene?

Everyone knows that trmk is the srk of Mortal Kombat. Oh, and it looks like Ed Boon’s favorite character is in Injustice…

On the new Nikita reboot series season 1 episode 10 they play MK 2011