Just curious...

I was wondering, if I were to make a av request thread, who’d want one from me? I’ve been doing av/sigs over at TZ for almost 2 years now (been playing with PS for 5), and I thought it’d be a good time to startup more av’s, just maybe not back at TZ, yet.

Who’s down?

(I’ll edit the title if needed, if you know what I mean…)

I like your work [from what I’ve seen in the SotW and Showcase threads] so yeah, I’d request one from you. But as of now, I cannot for I barely got this one from putbackthestars.

But yeah, you got my support [for what its worth, which isn’t much. :sad:]

Good luck! :tup:

me dawg

if i found something that i liked and you could work with, i’d be down for one too. honestly, i think a lot of people would want to request something from you.

i’d be interested