Just defend in neogeo battle coliseum

Why is it in all the vids i’ve watched i never saw anyone just defend a move?

maybe because theres no JD in NGBC?

why does the wiki state that there is just defend in the game

Summons Dark Geese to random SNK thread

There IS NO Just Defend in NGBC. Don’t beliver
everything you read on Wikipedia.

So dont even believe the shoryuken wiki?

Have you ever heard of gamefaqs.com ?

yea and a faq on there mentions a just defence front step

ngbc does have just defend, but it doesnt work like you think it would. just defend only allows for JD GCFS, which costs only half the meter of normal GCFS.

My man AL coming up in the topic spreading the truth. :rofl:

So its nothing like motw just defend.

Just Defend DOES exist in NGBC but the only purpose, as said, is to save 1/4 a meter on GCFS.
So it’s not extremely useful.

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There is no Just Defend ni NGBC ala Garou.

The only way you have it is as Shiki said…JD GCFS.

You are not gonna see High Level JD GCFS in NGBC.

Also you got A+B Escape to get through things and plenty other stuff.

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