Just defending tactics

im not that great of a just defender (not really great at anything in this game) so i would like to know if there are any tips out there on how to just defend. should i tap back multiple times instead of just holding back when i want to block or is jding something that comes with experience.

thx for your time

JD things that you can punish easily.

Do patterns and JD in between them. Like bait an attack then JD.


do not tap multiple times, it doesn’t work, every JD input you do, you have a recovery time before you can JD again

you get more margin by tapping, but holding it is undeniably infinitely safer, I suggest you learn the timing really good and hold it (unless you’re planning to JD multiple hits or a projectile or something)

JD in between poke strings and while you’re recovering from a move where you think they’re gonna try to hit you after (ie, a move that gives you minor frame disadvantage usually)

JD jump ins you can’t anti air, especially low jumps cuz they’re 1. hard to anti air 2. by jding, they’ll land right in front of you with their laggy low jump recovery -> free combo for you

remember to get them clutch jd’s in

Learn the timing for everything so you can JD it when it happens during a match. Learn your opponents patterns and JD accordingly. If you can’t read your opponents, and you have trouble JDing in general…


That is all.

You’ll have to play the game for a long time to get the feeling for poke strings, supers, and the like. Just learn the beat pattern in your head, and from there, it’s like playing a bemani game with the joystick.

If all else fails, you can kick them in the balls.

jd everything. its not even hard i consider myself only to be decent at cvs2 but im really good at jding. once u know the timing for a couple things, most things come natural, but if you need to know the timing on like jding a certain super or something go into training mode and set the dummy to do the move and set your character to all just defense. also u pretty much should never jd with back unless ur jding a jumpin (and most of the time you should just be AA’ing it anyway)

If the jump in is early, JD and punish. If it’s late, anti-air or block…but only experience will teach you that.

For now pick characters that you can manage in K, and just stick to K. Always JD by tapping the stick into block and return to neutral. If you hold the stick down back, you’re trying to block, not jd.

I had a fight using Yama(K) against Dhalsim§…I JD’d everything for 15 seconds straight, but I still couldn’t get in. Had rage and got in, landed the super and that was that. However, sometimes you need to forget about JD and find another way in. If that makes sense.

is there anyway possible to counter with Geese in betwwen jds. bcuz i coulda sworn i saw an a-cho vid awhile back in the day. when some k-groove player did it. is it possible?

yeah…if you JD the first three hits of Sagat’s super, you can counter.

jd first three hits, RAGING STORM. that would be AWESOME but hella hella hard to do.

JD changes the frame adv/disadv of every move in a really weird way that no one has an exact formula to yet

but basically, some multi hit moves will no longer “combo” after a JD, leaving you with frames to do stuff in between, 3rd hit of tiger raid is the only multihit thing I know with that property, though I’m positive that there’s tons more

example, sagat c hp normally gives sagat frame advantage, JD’ed it becomes a punishable disadvantage

2 Jd’s is ~ = 1 parry. If that makes sense.

except vs Sagat. It still gives frame advantage it seems.

Eagle hcf+K can be easily punished if the first hit is even just blocked.

A LOT of moves stun for longer if they hit, so JD’ing or parrying these moves are free counters.

Ken can combo a far c.mk xx shippu jinrai kyaku(spelling?)…If the c.mk is JD’d, the super can be countered.

sooo many examples to start counting.

I want you to JD my pattern so I can walk up cr.lp x1 standing lp tick throw rinse repeat minus throw = activate.