Just discovered something that -might- (but probably not) be useful

I was messing around a bit in training mode with Andy, and just for kicks I threw a :qcb:+:snka:, :db:, :r:+:snkc: behind it, positioning myself to stop just before it hit and then doing a regular throw.

The thing that struck me as odd was that the throw comboed with the projectile. :confused: I thought I was seeing things until I did it again.

I’m fully aware that it’s probably just a fluke thing that Andy is alone in being able to do, and it’s hardly anything I consider useful. -But- it’s something that most folks wouldn’t think of doing, so I figured I would put it out there with the possibility that someone might be able to find something more to do with it (with Andy or other characters).

I just also want to add that I found Athena can combo into her throw off a really meaty forward+B (no bounce animation). I didn’t feel this was very useful though, but it seems there is instances where regular throws can be combo into as well as the command ones.

For instance, like what thebigbadwolfe posted.

I’ve found that you can combo into throws, based on the ability to do so in CC.

So I’m not surprised.

One the biggest CC setups that I have with Andy btw is comboing into the fireball, and running in and doing the close C

I feel that I should probably specify, as it’s general knowledge for folks who are familiar to KOF, but not to those who are knew.

Comboing into command throws has been a staple in KOF since (or close to) the very beginning, so nothing new there. And comboing into a regular throw from a CC or a crumple stun isn’t anything new either.

What I’m talking about specifically is comboing into a regular throw outside of a crumple or a CC. This is an abnormality in KOF, and I’m wondering if there is a possibility that it could lead to something more.

It’s probably like this now due to the nature and property of the way throws work.

Throws don’t soak moves up now, if someone is striking, you won’t get your throw. It doesn’t have that catch throw thing going on anymore. So basically what needs to be known, is how fast throws start up frame wise, as well as other moves. Because basically here what happened for you is that there was enough advantage to get a guaranteed throw, is all.