Just for Fun: Advanced Dee Jay Trials

I was messing around in the lab the other day, trying to see what kind of fancy stuff I could do with Dee Jay. I ended up going back to the Trial mode, and was surprised and dismayed to see how lame Dee Jay’s trials are. Surely we can do better than that!

In that spirit, I came up with a totally useless but pretty combo to show the rest of the cast Dee Jay can be a high-execution character too!

  1. Knee Shot
  2. Standing Jab
  3. Crouching Jab
  4. Crouching Strong
  5. EX Air Slasher
  6. Standing Short
  7. Air Slasher
  8. FADC
  9. Crouching Jab
  10. Crouching Jab
  11. Crouching Strong
  12. EX Sobat

My ability to record video is woefully bad, but this combo does work. If anyone else is more adept at recording, please feel free to post it. Otherwise, I will endeavour to do so when I can.

If you have any ridiculous and unviable combos to contribute, please do. Let’s give Viper and Sakura players something to sink their teeth into if they decide to dabble with Dee Jay.

this is old sorry, corner only. waste of meter.

Like I said, I totally don’t intend these combos to be viable in an actual match… I was thinking more along the lines of the trial mode in the game, as in just tests of your execution ability. It absolutely is a waste of meter, that’s almost the point of it.

I didn’t realise this combo was already well known, though. Could you post a link or a video of it? Really I just want to gather together some of the longest and/or most difficult Dee Jay combos, practical or not, and have them in one place, they don’t have to be breaking new ground or anything!


i always loved trial mode, but yeah sadly Deejay’s combos weren’t too great.

You know what I’ve always thought would be a great idea (for any fighting game)? Combo H-O-R-S-E online. Get it done capcom

I still practice corner combos even thoughive only done it once online.
Jump in hk st mk ex air slasher st mk ex air slasher cr mk is short and sweet for fancy stuff :slight_smile:

impractical corner combos vs. crouching t.hawk

j.hk, cr.hp xx lp air slasher, cr.mp xx ex mgu(non mashed), u2
j.hk, cr.hp xx lp air slasher lvl2 FA, dash forward u1
j.hk, cr.hp xx lp air slasher, cr.mp xx super xx u1(this works on a lot of standing characters)
j.hk, cr.hp xx lp air slasher, cr.hp xx hk sobat FADC cl.mk cr.lp cr.mp xx hk sobat FADC cl.mk, cr.lp, cr.mp xx hk sobat(can probably do something more creative)

I had seen that video, icefuzion, thanks for posting. I always assumed it was tool-assisted though… If I saw hand motions of someone doing most of those combos, I’d be utterly blown away.