Just for fun: Post your highest final grade

As the title states, it’s just for fun. Post what your highest final grade was, (not just the match, but once you beat the game or get game over). All I ask is to be honest. Go ahead.

Here’s mine:


i’m prettttty sure everyone’s gotten MSF if they have it at home.

try using makoto’s cheesy hayate > karakusa > fierce > hayate etc. on CPUs… they never bother to get out of it. guaranteed MSF haha

actually, what’s the best grades you got against a human opponent?
My best one was an S++ (Dudley vs Ibuki) but we were just sandbagging (both trying the characters for the first times)
In serious matches, I got S+ more than once.

To think there was a time when the best I could get was B+ and I thought it was ****in’ impossible to get more than A :smiley:

in the DC version, the hayate/karakusa el cheapo move acutally doesnt work that well…

SS+ = perfects? or lots of parries and cool moves? or both?

Yeah…I am going through that stage now. :smile:

MSF is pretty easy using Q

Throw CPU into corner

Roundhouse C&DB, jab dash punch, reset with towards + mp XX repeat(C&DB as soon as they land on their feet) until dizzy, finish with super

Once you get the timing down, the CPU almost NEVER escapes this, even Gill

Q is the only one I’ve gotten a MSF for the final grade, I’ve gotten XS and S with Yun and Ken

i got SS with makoto against cpu, and when playing against highest difiiculty the karakusa trap doesnt work that well, most of the time cpu keeps jabbing and you get jabbed out of it…

Against humans my highest is S++ with oro =) it was too awesome, i had everything right: parries, etc.

Last time I had a meeting I had 6 A’s =)

Shit man, I’ve been playing for over a year and the highest I ever saw was SS+, what’s after that?

SFM: Street Fighter Master

I got an S++ versus a friend once, makoto versus his ken. He basically guessed wrong in every single wakeup situation. (low/high, grab etc.) Perfects and stun both rounds, didn’t do any parrying, but threw in a super once. He wasn’t that good at 3S, but it was still kind of amusing. Wouldn’t have worked against someone more experienced.

edit: that cpu combo (karakusa -> fierce -> hayate -> repeat) worked pretty good on him too :confused:

MSF with every character except Twelve and Elena.

I can pretty well do it on demand with Shotos and Yun.

I’ve gotten MSF with Chun only using the fierce button. I can probably do it with Ryu now as well but haven’t tried in a while.

my highest against the CPU is MSF with Dudley, all the Shotos, Yang, Q and Makoto.

against people, my highest was an S+ with Dudley. usually average Bs and As with him against people.


I got an S with Q, but I had system direction all fucked up with.

After beating the game, 7.0 million MSF with Ryu

Kal El is cheap and uses dudley that’s why he gets a’s anb b’s on people. Because dudley’s combos all do a million hits. See Necro is were the real skill is at! (Just kidding miguel)

Only chars I have not got match MSF’s against are Yang (highest SS++), Gouki (highest XS), Urien (highest XS+) and Gill (highest XS+++…stupid Alex/Ryu!) My first Ryu MSF was on a DC with Dudley. I’m surprised I did with a controller heh. Previously my highest was XS+++ with Q vs Ryu. End game ranking I have had MSF’s with about half of the roster. Highest I’ve got Vs was SS++, and a year ago, I actually had someone get an S++ on me :stuck_out_tongue:

CPU ranking, depending on the characters used/fighting against, is relativly easy. Something like Ryu vs Sean is easy peasy to get an MSF. Parry the first incoming hit(s) and 2 in 1 :hp: into a :hp: shoryuken. As Sean gets up, jump in with :hp:, standing :hp: into a :mk: mule kick. Stunned right there. Then just jump in :hp: standing :hp: :hp: hadoken into SA1, then :lk: hurricane kick. Sean should either be dead or have zero health on his bar, in which if its the latter, just back up, parry the next attack and kill him with something like a :lp: shoryuken. Or when dizzy, jump in with :hp: low :mk: into SA2.

Forgot I had this pic. Took it when I got my first Ryu MSF anywhere (sad it took so long to do :P)

my best is
yang(SA3) 9 million MSF
yun(SA3) 10 million MSF

against player i got SS for makoto vs akuma

:’( i’ve never even gotten an S in any match… let alone SEEN it…

fuck i didnt even KNOW there were SS and MSF grades :stuck_out_tongue: lol runs to go practice

I got today my 2nd S++ ever, Necro (me) vs Gouki :smiley:
and a bunch of S grades (I seem to always get good grades when I play Q and Necro)