Just for Us: Tier list discussion



Hello all.

A tier list that I threw together recently.
Discuss and all that good stuff…

Passion is welcome



General Tierlist or a “Abels most feared opp list” :smiley: (because its in the Abel forum) ?
I like that you put Ryu slightly above Abel (Abel perhaps more to the left, he has a lot of faults), I agree with it, he’s in general a very solid character without faults, he performs solidly against the whole cast. I also like that you dont regard Deejay as total ass, I also think he is solid. I thought it in the past, and now it seems to crystallize, that Oni and E.Ryu are maybe better than the average as well.
I think Dudley has more faults then well rounded, and I would put Guile farther to the right site. I absolutely dont know where to put chun li, she isn’t a popular character anymore, but Uryo performed very well with her in topaganda league and for some characters shes a pain, I dont think she’s too bad. I would put Bison higher, in general maybe higher then Ken and Cody.


ya, I think Balrog was a little too low along with Bison.
I agree.


Interesting that Fei is the higher than Cammy. Is this after seeing mago’s list, or is that the actual perception amongst tournament players?

It’s a very good list, although I think Yun should be just below the top 5 and Vega & Honda moving to just below Guile.

I still don’t know what to make of Gen. He’s a good character no doubt, but I’m just not sure how good.


Ya, perhaps yun might of been a little too high.


I like it overall, but why do you think Honda is so low ? I’m really curious about that.

Edit: wait, you said passion is welcome, haha. Ok, Top 10 is great, but I don’t think Fei is the best. Too fair, I would go with Cammy or Akuma.

I doubt Gouken is better than Guile. He has an amazing zoning game and…that’s it. A lot of the cast have ways around fireballs, which hurts him. He has big dmg, but unreliable ways to land it. Poor wake up and no great normals. Guile is more well rounded, with better normals.

Dee Jay is bottom tier imo. He is just weak, poor tools, there’s a reason nobody plays him.

Dhalsim is too high in my oppinion. One of the weaker characters - he gets mauled by a couple of characters, and after the dmg loss from AE, he just isn’t scary anymore.

Finally, I doubt Vega is just above Dan.


All of the match ups I hate are sitting right at those top 9 spots lol. Looks solid I think balrog needs to be higher on the list though And hakan should be pushed to the Has flaws side, if he’s not oiled up he’s worse then t.hawk IMO