Just found this forum

hello im new just looking for some fights hopefully ill get better my psn name is t1enCa add me plz thanks

Hello and welcome brother. This place rules earth.

heh, i just found this forum too. probably should have searched for an introductions thread or something, but :sweat:.

psn: ratratboy
i’ve been sick lately, so sorry to those i’ve played so far that i sound like i’m choking on phlegm over voicechat. :wtf:
my main’s chun li, but i like to mix in a little rufus or lolvega sometimes, too.

i’m a bit of a novice still, but i can hold my own. i think. so far i only run into either complete newbs (not a bad thing) or experienced vets online. :amazed:
i’ve been looking for a community like this for a long time though, so here’s hoping for some good times. that championship mode thing that’s coming out sounds pretty dope.

anyway, feel free to add me / shoot me a fight invitation…