Just found this while trawling eBay


Anyone ever heard of this mob? While not only being hella expensive, they’re using the most butt-ugly artwork I have ever seen on a stick! :wtf:





lol they dont even show a pic of the actual finished product… and i love how they got buttons for both systems on the lay out ahah


in for 5 then going to resell them on craigslist…


I feel sorry for whoever would buy one of these


Those are some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.


Thats the MAS pro stick design for xbox 360…


Blech. Not for me…


Yeah that is a MAS Systems stick.

I guess they modded it to work with 360.

If you love American style HAPP sticks this might be worth looking into.’

But you can get them cheaper at Alpha Electronics.



those are old prices =( i live 5 minutes away from the lady and i visit often… ps2 sticks are 110 now not included tax which would be roughly 118 and the xbox 360 9 buttons is 190 and the 11 button layout is 210 =( i was just there today well yesterday technically.


Whoa I thought MAS Systems went under a long time ago.

They used to be the best.

I thought all these things were just old sticks modded to work with 360.

I wonder why they don’t make Japanese style sticks with Sanwa and Semitsu parts.

They would of made a killing with the SF4 rush.

They need to update their website and answer the phone at MAS.



They are banking in profit… no joke… I asked the lady how many sticks are she behind by and she told me she lost count haha… She had about 30 sticks laying around getting ready to be shipped and about 20 shells that needed to be made… I was fixing up my anniversary stick there and the guy gave me a bad competition stick so i gotta go back today… If you’re looking for good quality ps3 sticks they have the best offer around… all it is, is a ps2 stick with a ps3 adapter on it haahaha! 130… a lot cheaper then 190 dollar sticks i see on here =(


Dude if you know them.

Please tell them to update the website OMG!

Also ask them if they are going to make Japanese style sticks.

I would buy from them in a heart beat.


Ugh… so ugly my eyes have gone into shock.


That guy is planning to but he doesn’t have time because he has to build the mass order of sticks. He had a sample square box with a anime art on there that he was planning to make. But time and his two kids are stopping him.


“Medium Density Fiberboard wood” haha


expensive and ugly. I hope thats not your only choice for stick down under


I wasn’t planning on buying one, I just came across that listing accidentally.

Check my sig for links to the sticks I’ve made.


Isn’t that what 1990’s American arcade cabinets are made of? At least the panel where the joystick and buttons go in.