Just Frames in SFxTK a la SoulCalibur/Tekken?

Edit : Keres and whirlwind give me the answer, looks like i should think more before writing

Hi, i don’t know if it has already discussed on others threads but anyway.

First by Just frame i mean a special new move and not a combo 1 frame link.
Just frame come from Tekken and Soul Calibur


Recently i saw Fuudo perform several move like if it was a just frame in SFxTK

When i was watching the stream he performed 5 times in a raw a shoryuken “just frames” but i cannot retrieve the archive

Here are the archives i found by the way. It was in France in February during the World Game Cup at Cannes with the final build of the game

You can notice King perform a kick move with a flash ( 2 times)

In the same video but sometimes after you can Rolento doing one too

And here Ryu with Tatsu
And here too

Of course no bars and no gems are used in those example

If my english is not bad, i think Maximilian ask about that to Seth Killian during Cross Assault Show but he avoid the question.

I suppose the bradygames has no information about that since i looked into the preview of Ryu and saw nothing :(.
I’m wondering what properties has the move with a flash?
Framedata change (safe / startup) ? Damage change ? Invulnerabity ? New move ? Ground/Wall Bounce ?

PS : Example from Soul Calibur and Tekken

Those are all Easy Input gems. Every character in your examples has an Assist gem equipped.

That might be the cross counter/alpha counter thinger.

You hit forward + launch

Easy input mean you use one bar. I take my time to explain that no bar and no gems are used in all those example. Come one man -__-

Is anybody looked the video ? There is link to the videos… Counter in the air ? Counter with no one ? Seriously.

I don’t know why but i was expecting those sort of answer xD

I believe those are the easy input gems. (The pink ones)

The only character that has a JF move that I know is Kazuya; he has his EWGF.

Pretty sure that’s easy input, easy input doesn’t use a bar, it lowers your attack by 10%


If you’re going to cop an attitude to the people who go out of their way to answer your question, make sure you’re not wrong first.

Yes you right. I was so sure i was right that i didn’t want to see other answer.Sincere Apologies Keres and SUPARNORVAX

It was a nice theory, though. Would’ve been neat if SFxT did have JFs. Aw well, maybe next time.

Isn’t Kazuya’s EWGF a Just Frame? I think it might be the only one in the game, though.

Kaz EWGF is no longer a JF in SFxT. It’s literally impossible to mess it up now.

Kaz does not have one but Jin has his. i was messing with the cross assault move to see wat the computer does. he did an EX ss into EGHF!!! i have been trying to do it since the day i saw it but cant T-T

Kaz definitely has a JF EWGF in the game; there’s a thread or two about it in his forums. Both EWGF and WGF have electricity, but EWGF has more electricity and it’s more purplish and such. EWGF does 30 more damage, launches in a more ideal manner, and causes pushback on block like in Tekken.

T’is pretty awesome that the game retained Tekken’s most famous JF. :smiley:

King’s Konvict Kick has a just frame for DDT, although it’s less of a “Just frame” and more of a “unmashable window”